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Turbocharger is not unfamiliar to many people at all now

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-31
Garrett turbos system is divided into single turbocharged system and double turbocharged system. Single turbocharged system means pressure charging system with one turbocharger. At present, Volkswagen 1.4T and General Motors 1.6t we often see are all single turbocharged system. Except for turbocharger, it also includes inlet bypass valve, exhaust bypass valve and exhaust valve control device. Double turbocharged system of six cylinder petrol jetting engine has two turbochargers parallel allocated in exhaust pipe and three cylinders in each group drive one turbocharger. Because the exhaust interval among three cylinders is equal, turbocharger rotates stably. Besides, divide three cylinders into one group can prevent exhaust disturbance among separated cylinders. Compared with single turbocharger, this system also includes intercooler, resonant chamber and boosting pressure sensor. It has relatively complex structure and only applies in engine of larger emission. How about turbocharger structure and working theory? Vehicle turbocharger is composed by three parts of centrifugal compressor, runoff type turbine and intermediates. Supercharger shaft is supported in intermediate by two floating axletree. In intermediates, there is lubrication and cooling axletree oil gallery and sealing device preventing oil from leakage into compressor and turbo. Supercharger shaft endures bending and torsion alternating stress and is often made of good toughness and high strength alloy steel. Centrifugal compressor is composed by air inlet, compressor impeller, non-vane rise pressure pipe and compressor spiral. Impeller includes blade, wheel hub and rotates with the motion of supercharger shaft. When compressor rotates, air enters into compressor impeller and flows from impeller center to perimeter along with port developed among impeller blades under the force of centrifugal pull. Air gets engine from rotating impeller, improving its velocity, pressure and temperature, then enters into vane diffuser. Diffuser slowly expands port. When air flows through diffuser, it decelerates, pressurizes and improves temperature. That is most air motion energy turns into pressure energy in diffuser. Compressor spiral function is collecting air flowed out from diffuser and leading it to compressor outlet. Air in compressor spiral continues to decelerate and pressurize, fulfilling its transaction course from motion energy to pressure energy. Compressor impeller is made of aluminum alloy precision, so does compressor spiral. Here rotate needs to be mentioned. Parts of turbines impeller, compressor impeller and seal cartridge are installed in supercharger shaft and comprise turbocharger rotate. The balance of rotate is important. Till here, sure you've known turbo charger manufacturing engineering has much high demand on technology and material. Thus its cost is naturally not low.
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