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Transporting a boat has not been the easiest thing

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-04
There are few of the important points to be taken care of while shipping a boat: 1. Measure Your Boat: Measure your boat lengthwise, height wise and width wise. Accurate measurements are vital. The is one of the best practices before you decide to ship your boat, followed so that you know which container and which shipping company will support your boat's size. International auto shipping makes it all the more important to follow size requirements as most countries have specific size requirements if you are considering international auto export. Over sized vehicles according to their specifications need special permits to be allowed shipping inside. Get in touch with local shipping companies: Second step is to get in touch with the local shipping companies, get their quotes and check their reputation. Reputation can be checked by judging the equipments used, quality of staff and customer interaction, years in the business and most importantly the valid licenses. Select your shipping company which provides you reliability, support and afford-ability. Prepare your boat for shipping: Thirdly prepare your boat for shipping- remove all removable parts, valuable and make sure you wrap the boat to protect from sun damage and scratches. Get documentation ready: Get the relevant documents ready which can be custom requirements when shipping internationally and other documents regarding the specifics of the vehicle, ownership etc. to allow safe, convenient, and hassle free pick up. Also make sure you have the right insurance in place. Check the licensing by FMC: The first major checkpoint is of FMC or the license of Federal Maritime Commission. This is the only agency with the power to give license for maritime transportation companies in case you have to ship to a destination that can only be reached via the sea way. Make sure that you are not dealing with rogue movers i.e. the companies which promise good services at lower rates and thus end up defrauding the customer. The good movers will not follow business practices of deceptive lower rates, refuse written quotes and urge individuals to do business with them on purely oral basis. Large unsolicited cash deposits and refusal to give valid receipts and onsite inspections are other pointers to a rogue mover. FMC licensed movers are reputed, reliable players who have been in the market of international auto export for a long time. The above tips are the basic checks you should perform before you decide to ship your boat.
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