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This compact yet powerful mill is designed for

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-01
The mill is available with a variety of options including chamber and door linings in cast iron, chrome steel or stainless steel. Beater arms in cast iron or stainless steel and beater tips in chrome steel, stainless steel and low chrome. STANDARD MODELS CBM-10 - Cast Iron liners with chrome steel beater tips 400V 3ph 50Hz CBM-20 - Cast Iron liners with chrome steel beater tips 230V 1ph 50Hz CBM-30 - Chrome steel liners with chrome steel beater tips 400v 3ph 50Hz CBM-40 - Chrome steel liners with chrome steel beater tips 230v 1ph 50Hz CBM-50 - Stainless steel liners and beater tips 400V 3ph 50Hz CBM-60 - Stainless steel liners and beater tips 230V 1ph 50Hz OPERATING PRINCIPLE The material passes from the hopper into the grinding chamber where it is pulverised between the hard grooved door and chamber linings. Added impact is provided by the tips of the three rotating beater arms.Interchangeable screens determine the final particle size. CONSTRUCTION The housing is of heavy duty cast iron. The grinding chamber lining and door lining are available in cast iron, chrome steel and stainless steel. Beater arms come in cast iron and stainless steel. Beater tips are available in chrome steel, stainless steel and low chrome. Cast iron is very hard, and most frequently used. Chrome steel is usually selected for grinding abrasive materials.Stainless steel is used for applications demanding improved chemical resistance, as well as for food and pharmaceutical applications. Fitted with 1.1kW brake motor; starter and overload safety cut out plus door safety switch. Maximum Feed Size: 20/25mm Final Sample Size: (depending on material) down to 50 microns Throughput: 200g batches up to 50Kg/h Dimensions: W600mm x D700mm x H1150mm Gross Weight (with stand) 80kg Supplied with the screen of your choice. The Gy-Ro Mill has been designed with a unique mechanism enabling the optimum amplitude setting to be set for different materials. Amplitude adjustment ensures the best possible results as it can be set to meet the special characteristics of the feed material and the fineness required. The setting also controls the wear rate and consequent degree of contamination from the grinding dish. Materials routinely ground by this method include brick, castings, cement, ceramics, chemicals, clinker, coal, coke, concrete, ferro-alloys, fertilisers, fluxes, glass, iron, limestone, minerals, paint, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dried plant material, ore, precious stones, rocks, metals, sand, slags, silicates, soil, steel, wood... A further advantage of the design of the machine is that it provides a smooth horizontal grinding action with minimal vertical vibration. The puck and rings are larger than the conventional types used in other machines and consequently they avoid bouncing off the lid and base of the dish minimizing excessive wear and unnecessary contamination. Suitable for sample preparation for XRF, XRD and AA analysis also geological/mineral assay work. Construction Rust free mild steel frame and lid with painted vibrator springs of good quality spring steel, flexible drive shaft encased in protective rubber coating, and eccentric weights. Grinding dishes are of hardened Alloy Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Steel and Agate. Standard single phase 0.55Kw or three phase 0.4Kw motors. In the Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200 size reduction takes place by impact and shearing effects between the rotor and the fixed ring sieve. The feed material passes through the hopper (with splash-back protection) onto the rotor. Centrifugal acceleration throws it outward with great energy and it is precrushed on impact with the wedge-shaped rotor teeth moving at a high speed. It is then finely ground between the rotor and the ring sieve. This 2-step grinding ensures particularly gentle but fast processing. The feed material only remains in the grinding chamber for a very short time, which means that the characteristic features of the sample to be determined are not altered. The ground sample is collected in the collecting cassette surrounding the grinding chamber or in the downstream cyclone or paper filter bag. The Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200 is a high speed rotor mill with unmatched performance. It is used for the rapid size reduction of soft to medium-hard and fibrous materials. Because of the efficient size reduction technique the ZM 200 ensures the gentle preparation of analytical samples in a very short time. The comprehensive range of accessories including a large variety of ring sieves and rotors as well as collection systems makes the Ultra Centrifugal Mill a versatile instrument that can be easily adapted to varying applications. The optional Vibratory Feeder is load-controlled via an interface and ensures a uniform grind at maximum output rate. With thousands of installations, the ZM 200 has become a standard for food and feeds, for the chemical industry as well as for agricultural testing.
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