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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-05
It is easy to apply, either to the whole car or to accent various features of the car, and while it does not come in a large amount of colors it is a perfect choice for highlighting parts of the car, installing stripes or lettering, and even interior appointments can be covered, such as the dashboard. But while a lot of carbon fiber films have a 3D effect which can be very cool, sometimes you just do not want this effect - you want something which calls for a smooth finish and that is where the matt films from SimCarbon come into play. SimCarbon specializes in films designed to cover a range of objects, but is specifically made for car and motorcycle customization; their matt grey vinyl wrap can add a unique look to any car for a fraction of the price of a paint job trying to get a similar effect. Customize your car to look like a street racer by graying the hood - the smooth texture of this material actually gives the appearance of a rough graphite finish that will impress anyone, even people that know nothing about customization of vehicles, and it is easy to order and put on yourself. But if you're not sure about your ability to apply this easy to work with material, most custom shops can definitely help you out, and they will tell you that SimCarbon is one of the leaders of this industry. Their matte grey vinyl car wrap has several advantages; the first being the incredible quality at such a low cost. SimCarbon wrap also features adhesive air channels on the adhesive side so that it is easy to wrap curved body parts. This wrap also has a 10 year indoor and 5 year outdoor lifespan, helping to protect your paintjob from the elements, like heat, cold, wind, dust and rain, and with the grid backed design system it is easier than ever to achieve precise cutting and measuring. The best thing about SimCarbon matte gray vinyl car wrap is that it uses an easy to remove adhesive backing that will not leave a mess or hurt your cars paint, so if at any time you decide you want to go back to a standard paint job, or switch your custom stripes or lettering, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you have never seen a car completely wrapped in this innovative and astounding material it is almost impossible to describe the incredible high tech finish that is achieved using this vinyl film, and the best thing about is that any consumer can order it as well, not just high priced custom shops So if you have been thinking of modding the exterior or interior visual appearance of your car, look no further than SimCarbon for all your car wrap needs - their great products, customer service and ease of use will not let you down!
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