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The set of golf clubs is a total of 14 clubs.

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-25
The woods also known as drivers are designed to hit the ball from the longest distance. They can hit the ball farthest in the field and are various in sizes which are known by the most practiced players. The most skillful player will know about each and every size which varies from 2 to 15 but for the common players 1-, 3-, 5- size drivers are generally used. The 7- and 9- size is for the ladies, children and seniors. Originally in the beginning woods were purely made by hardwood .i.e. beach wood, ash, maple and persimmon but with the passage of time it was made by steel, platinum, titanium or composite materials and the latest technology is the drivers made up of carbon fibers. The making of carbon fiber was very hard back in times and so the drivers made up of carbon fibers were very expensive but now the making is very easy so irrespective of the price approximately every driver is having carbon fiber material in it. The first stainless steel metalwood was made by Pinseeker Golf Corp in 1976 and was named the Bombshell. The shafts material and their sizes vary with their designs and styles with respect to the company. The length of the shaft varies from 40 to 48 inches. The shafts were first made from Hickory wood but they were very fragile and light. They were always risky to play with and a broken shaft during the play was becoming a pretty usual thing. The golf was starting to limit itself among the most skilful and master players who can finish the game with their clubs unbroken until the end. The heads were shaped shallow for tee shots. The shots which have to be hit from a short distance while drivers having a deep face slightly bulging is for hitting the ball from a great distance. The hosel is made up of metal or a much stronger material and it eliminates the weakness of a driver where the shaft was anchored to the head. The modern designs give a very good balance to the club.
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