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The Hongxing Spiral Chute allows the smooth transfer

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-04
The spiral chute using a diameter of 900 mm, double-headed set up, horizontal angle of 9 degrees, pitch 540 mm, ore particle size of 0.3 to ~ 0.025 mm, to mine the focus of 30% to 45%, the dealing with capacity of 0.6 to one.five t / h , the spiral chute sorting, grading 1.90% tin may be a yield of eleven.62%, recovery was 32.5% with the crude focus, and then selected by the shaker, magnetic, floating sulfur, tin grade of 47.26% availability of tin concentrates. Processing 480 plenty of tailings per month, the monthly output of concentrates 1.1 tons of month to month output of 14,000 yuan, the total expenses and net of taxes, internet revenue 6918 yuan. Month to completely recuperate fees and further expense in gear and more than. A spiral chute automobile as much as 7 million yuan in financial gain. In Chinese ore market, excellent a lot of shoppers would fairly build Sphalerite ore crushing plant and sphalerite ore grinding plants only than develop a single full sphalerite outfitting plant. Simply because the price of making total plant is relatively substantial. The regular sphalerite ore bashing process consists of 4 elements: feeding material to sphalerite crusher, crush raw ore to smaller lumps, crush lumps to small particles and screening the specific crushed particles. mineral sand washer:http://www.hxjq-crusher.com/16.html rock crushers:http://www.china-mills.com/p1.html Hongxing spiral chute consists of ore equipartition divider, feeding chute, spiral chute, product interception slot, product gathering bucket and chute stand (including cross or tripod) six parts. The spiral chute interconnected by spiral blades is the major component. Spiral blade is made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), connected together with bolts. The spiral chute separating surface has a prefabricated wear layer. It possesses advantages of light weight, stability and durability in use. The top of spiral chute is equipped with multiple tubes for ore equipartition divider to divide the ores equably, with simple and convenient control. The ore divider is freely placed on the supporting cross (or tripod). The equational pulp goes slowly to spiral chute surface through feeding chute on the head port of the spiral chute; then the ore dressing carries on. The spiral chute tail end is installed with valve type new product interception slots, which will divide the sorted new products into three (or four) new products according to their grades and along their radial directions. Regulate the valve block position to change the interception width of various new products. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as china sand washers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.
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