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The future of household and office lighting is here

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-12
On an average, the estimated operational time is 1,00,000 hours for a LED lamp as against 5,000 hours of normal incandescent bulbs which means that it can light for 11 years, which is certainly a very long time! Though LED lamps are more expensive than the traditional ones but if you into account the other factors such as labour costs, useful life, replacement costs and more importantly the inconvenience caused with frequent replacements then you will realize their additional powers. Here, it is not about one bulb that gets replaced in a house, but to think about it in official buildings or shopping malls, the replacement cost can be enormous. The most significant contribution is certainly in terms of energy efficiency. The real difference is in terms of the amount of heat and light produced. A normal incandescent bulb will generate 80% heat and 20% light and hence, when you pay for electricity then you are paying 80% of that for heat generated and not for the lighting. On the other hand, for an LED bulb 80% of the payment is made for actual lighting while 20% is lost in the heat energy produced. All said and done, still the cost of LED lights acts as a hindrance for its widespread acceptance but if you see the complete benefits, then you will surely not hesitate to buy one. It will be interesting to know some of the reasons behind the higher costs of LED lighting. A quality LED light contains alloys made of copper and aluminium which costs more than those used for traditional bulbs and this quality only ensures that LED lights lasts for such a long time. The cost has been falling and is good news because very soon these will become affordable for everyone. These lights enhance the overall appeal of a place to a great extent as they shine light only in specific direction rather than throwing it all over the place. These are extremely useful for porch lights, sheds or garages. They do not produce any harmful rays like UV radiation or IR radiation which can do some damage and do not even heat up like incandescent lights. For the future and sustainability of environment, it is important that such technology is used more widely and encouraged on a large scale. Looking at the bigger picture, there is no doubt that LED has already created a disruptive innovation and are here to make our lives brighter and better!
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