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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-02
Survival. Never in a million years would I have imagined that the survival of my family and our way of life would be really at stake. And yet the latest economic crash resulted in me getting laid off from my job at the local auto parts factory last March. A month later, the local school district cut its budget and my wife's job as the school librarian was eliminated. Combine that with rising gasoline and home heating costs and I became genuinely concerned about my family's survival, especially when the weather turns colder this winter. I didn't know how we were going to afford those ever-increasing electric and gas bills. I was complaining about my problems to my buddy, when he told me about the Earth4Energy manual. It's a build your own solar panel system that's made out of inexpensive materials you can find at any home improvement store for less than $100. And it's simple enough manual and process that you can easily install it yourself. He told me the Earth4Energy home made power plant generates enough solar power to make your home completely independent of the utility companies. That means I would never again have to worry about the utility companies ripping my off financially while shutting off my power in the middle of winter because I could generate my own power for free! What's more, the government will actually pay you to convert your home to solar energy, so the entire system can pay for itself really fast. My friend is usually a pretty straight shooter so I decided to check out Earth4Energy myself. I must confess I was very impressed. Earth4Energy is a guide complete with DIY video instructions covering what you need and how to build and install your own home solar panel system PLUS another video on how to build a wind-generator to provide you with even more free energy. It came with over 2 hours of instructional videos, an eBook that illustrated step-by-step how to install the system, a custom solar calculator to help you see how much you will be saving on your electric bill, and a bunch of other helpful stuff. No complaints here about not having enough material! And the whole thing only costs $49.97. Hell, that's about a quarter of my monthly gas bill in the winter. So I bought it. It came with a 60-day money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose even if some of the claims of a hoax were real or the whole thing was a ripoff. I effectively took our home off the power grid. In fact, between the Earth4Energy solar energy generator and the wind turbine I created later, we produced more energy than we could even consume. And the power company had to start paying us for providing energy for them! Double Wow! Now, I've never in my life sat down and written anything longer than a text message, so you will have to excuse me if my review and feedback contains English that is not exactly perfect. But I just had to tell you all about the Earth4Energy kit and how it freed me and my family from having to depend on the power company. It also let me stop worrying about if the heat was going to be turned off if we couldn't pay the bill. This system delivers everything it claims. Things are starting to look up around here. Not only have we significantly reduced our monthly expenses thanks to Earth4Energy, but I finally got called back to the plant and my wife is earning some extra money by tutoring some of the neighborhood kids in math and reading, plus giving piano lessons. If I hadn't learned about Earth4Energy, we probably would have had some very serious problems this coming winter. But now, we don't have to worry about survival. Thanks to the creator Michael Harvey, we're going to be just fine!
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