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TaylorMade R11S Driver has been launched successfully

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-31
They are biggest or largest in size having a large head, long shaft and a great club speed which is more than any other club in the bag. The woods are 3 to 4 in a golf bag varying in sizes and the largest one is called the driver. The clubs were in the beginning made up of branches which were broken from trees to play golf. With the passage of time these clubs were given a polished shape and were made up of different woods i.e. maple, apple wood, purple wood, lemonwood, blue-mahoo and Persimmon etc soon the material to make the clubs was changed to titanium and platinum which slowly was replaced by carbon fiber but the name remained unchanged. TaylorMade is the golf equipment manufacturing Corporation which is on the top of the list ever since it has been acquired by addidas. It's working efficiency and the quality of equipment has reached to a complete new level of technology. They have become the new innovators of the golf . Their equipments decide the new methods and techniques of the golf. Recently they have been introducing hybrids a combination of woods and irons known as rescues so that golf bags can remove the weight of 9 irons and 4 woods and 2 or 3 rescues can be placed instead of them in the bag. The rescues although require a great skill to play with so along with the modification the TayolrMade are carrying the old equipments to a new style as well to keep the player's attention completely towards them. The TaylorMade R11S Driver has been challenged by the launch of Ping G20 Irons from PING Corporation of manufacturing golf equipments. The TaylorMade R11S Driver has taken the golf lovers to a new level of excitement ever since the announcement of concession in its price has been made. T is now available in just $299.97 instead of $539.94. It has the most attractive and technological specification. It is an amazing design with amazing mechanics giving the golf lover everything in one driver. It has iron steel shafts which can be selected according to the buyers choice from NS PRO950 steel shaft, Project X (5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5) steel shaft and Dynamic Gold 300 steel shaft. It is the biggest and the fastest driver and has the longest shafts than any other driver of R11 series. Its head is a contrast from its back which is black. The head is matte- white finish giving the driver a beautiful sleek look from the front unlike its bulging back. The head is equipped with a new 5 sided adjustable sole plate technology by which the player can choose 5 different sides of the drivers to hit. The TaylorMade R11s Driver comes with Flight Control Technology Sleeve loft by which the player can select the 8 different positions by increasing or decreasing the loft making it a more attractive and tempting club to the players.
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