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Residential pressure washers and commercial pressure

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-06
Water Temperature When a pressure washer is used for residential purposes, normally the cleaning tasks do not involve cleaning of too much oil and grease; while commercial or industrial cleaning tasks mostly involve oil and grease. Because oil and grease are involved in commercial establishments cleaning, most use hot water power washers; home users, meanwhile, mostly use cold water power washers. The distinction between a hot and cold cleaning tool is the presence of a burner - a device that can heat water in excess of 200 degrees. The hot cleaning tool has a burner; while the cold model has no burner. Water Pressure The level of water pressure, known as pounds per square (PSI), is different for residential and commercial models. For residential usage, the PSI cannot be more than 3,000; while for commercial use, the PSI has to be above 3,000. Pump Used The pump in this cleaning machine can either be belt-drive or direct-drive. As machines utilized at home are not used for more than 30 hours each week, the direct-drive is mostly used; and while machines utilized in industrial establishments are used for more than 40 hours each week, the belt-drive model is mostly used. The pump in the direct-drive model is directly coupled to the motor or engine. As a result, the engine's heat and vibration are transferred to the pump, resulting to the wear and tear and shorter life of the machine. On the other hand, the belt in the belt-drive type connects the motor or engine to the high-pressure pump. This belt diffuses the vibration and heat of the motor and in effect minimizes the wear and tear and extends the life of the machine. However, the direct-drive is cheaper than the belt-drive. Source of Power Residential or commercial models can either be powered by gasoline or electricity. Due to the noise produced by gasoline-powered, industrial establishments prefer the electric-powered model. Both gasoline-powered and electric-powered are portable and can be carried anywhere in the work sites. In the case of the electrical-powered, with the right length of electrical cord this can be used in different parts of the working area. Electric-powered is preferred when the tasks involve cleaning an enclosed area. The BE 13 Honda Product Heavy-Duty Belt Drive Pressure Washer exemplifies this commercial power washer.
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