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Playing defense in volleyball is one of the areas

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-12
lip - To 'lip' a ball in defense means that a player has dug up a hard hit ball that looked like it was definitely going to hit the ground. 'Nice lip' is what players will say among themselves when a teammate makes an amazing dig. Some say the word 'lip' comes from the shape and the lip-like appearance the arms form when they are placed together for a dig. facial - A facial is when a player has unintentionally dug a ball with their face. Similar to a player getting 'six packed' a facial happens when a player gets hit in the face by an opposing team's hitter, where in contrast, with a six pack a player can get hit in the chest or upper body area and because the ball made direct contact with their body without them getting their hands up in time to play defense, they owe the hitter a six pack. chester - A chester is when a player doesn't get their hands up in time to defend a ball, and they get nailed in the chest by a hard spike. This way of getting the ball up isn't always ruled illegal and can at times result in a play that continues until the referee rules the ball completely dead. tagged - In defense if a player can't get out of the way of a hard hit ball then that means that the ball 'tagged' them before going out of bounds, so the ball is awarded to the opposing team. touch - In regards to playing defense a 'touch' occurs if a player on team A is the last person to touch the ball while blocking or playing defense, voluntarily or involuntarily before it goes out of bounds. If so, then team B scores the point or the sideout. up - 'Nice up!' is similar to 'nice lip' which is what players say when a teammate has made a great defensive play. Regardless of whether they had to dive, roll or sprawl, or just stand in place and dig a ball, a nice 'up' means a player successfully kept an opponent's attacked ball from hitting the floor or the sand for a point or sideout in their own court. And now I invite you to get your Free subscription to the Volleyball Voices newsletter, that's full of more volleyball defense terms at volleyballvoices.com. You'll get access to free stories, news, and volleyball product reviews that you can use right away!
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