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Plasma cutters are a very specialized tool used

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-16
Many metal hobbyists are now wishing to add a plasma cutter to their workshop setting. These devices can be used to create beautiful works of art for the home or for sale. There are many price ranges for used plasma cutters. Usually, the higher the price of the cutter, the thicker is the metal which can be cut. Prospective buyers should consider the thickness of the metal they will be cutting before making the purchase. There is no reason to buy a cutter capable of cutting 3/8 inch steel if the thickest that will be cut is less than a 16th inch. Of course there's also a wide variety of prices depending upon the name brand of the used plasma cutter purchased. Name the brand plasma cutters have advantages over others by way of more accessible and easily purchased parts. There are consumable parts when using a plasma cutter that have to be replaced on a regular basis. How often these parts have to be replaced depends on how much metal is cut. Before buying any plasma cutter make sure that you are able to purchase replacement parts easily. Another consideration when buying a used plasma cutter is that an air supply is required. Always check the specifications of the cutter for how much air pressure and volume the device requires. Smaller cutters will require less air pressure and thus a smaller air compressor the larger ones. It is also very important to have a water filter installed on the airline so that condensation is not sucked into the cutter. Of course all the standard safety equipment that comes with any welding shop should be on hand also. You will need eye and hand protection just as with any acetylene torch cutting. Also be aware that since electricity is used in the process there are electrical shock hazards which must be considered. It's best never to do the cutting spending on bare ground. Instead, always do the cutting while standing on dry cement. If you live in a larger city, you may be able to find used plasma cutters for sale in the classified sections of your city newspaper. Also, you can check online at places like eBay. However, when purchasing online, make sure you understand what the shipping charges will be before placing the order. Used plasma cutters are quite heavy and the shipping charges could be significant.
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