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Large bearing with hollow shaft misalignment,

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-16
SBM produces crushing equipment, sand making equipment, processing equipment, milling equipment, coal crusher equipment and composite particles five series of products. If the fineness of grinding is not enough minerals, the mineral particles jaw crusher stone between the machine did not meet the full monomer separation, sorting index is not too high. Gear and pinion shaft misalignment, motor reducer with a different heart, serious, can cause starting difficulties, running costs power, heating and other electrical phenomena. According to statistics, one ton of ore milled, the grinding media (such as steel balls or steel bars) and the lining of the total loss amounted to 0.4-3.0kg. The failure of the mill there are many failures to determine cause: 1, ball bearings fever, check for lack of oil. 2, if not short of oil, check the concentricity of each part, respectively, check the host and transmission parts. The purpose is to make the grinding of ore to reach all or most useful component of monomer separation and sorting operations to achieve the required granularity, sorting operations in order to effectively recover useful component of ore create the conditions. Grinding is one of the largest power consumption concentrator operation, only crushing and grinding plant selection accounted for 45-65% of energy consumption. Cement production process, mobile crusher. Grinding mineral products also meet the sorting operation required concentration. Overload will cause the bearing and heat. 3, the host bearing and pinion shaft bearings plus Huangyou Run slide, plus gear oil lubrication. Among a large air shaft and bearing a different mind. Drive pinion shaft and bearing misalignment, shaft and bearing gland causing friction and heat. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, coal, refractories, ceramics and other industries. 4, so the installation to ensure the concentricity of the parts is very important. Meanwhile, the consumption of metal grinding operation is a great job. Grinding operations and processing operations of a great relationship, sorting index (concentrate quality and metal recovery) is good or bad depends largely on the quality of grinding minerals. A variety of sorting operations has its appropriate concentration range, too high or too low were inappropriate. Therefore, the cost of the beneficiation, the grinding costs account for a large proportion.
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