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how billet car parts are machined

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
Art si for processing billet parts is a certified tool manufacturer (U. S.
Department of Labor and Ohio Department of Labor)
And has been working in the machine industry for thirteen years.
As far as this article is concerned, in all kinds of things I do, I design and design parts, draw them in CAD, program CNC code in CAM program, edit CNC code, and set up and operate CNC milling machine.
When you finish reading this, you will know what is billet aluminum and everything involved in machining parts in CNC milling machines, and understand what determines the price of machining and what part they are.
Anyway, what is billet aluminum?
Many people will agree that this is the best aluminum part you can get if you ask around.
On top of that, many people seem to really know what \"billet\" means.
The way steel billet aluminum gets its reputation comes from the strength advantage it has in Yin aluminum or fabricated aluminum.
Due to the crystal structure of cast aluminum and the stress in welded aluminum, the strength of the components manufactured in these ways is limited to a certain extent.
However, when the aluminum parts need the maximum strength, they are processed with billet.
Basically, billet means a solid of aluminum.
The part is made of a single aluminum block (such as Bar material) produced by the foundry.
The parts manufactured in this way have superior strength because they have a stronger crystal structure, or \"particles\", and do not have the stress of the welded parts due to excessive heating and cooling.
The structure of the grain was not destroyed because the material was only cut off from the original part and no excessive heat was generated.
For two reasons, the after-sales billet parts of the automotive industry are desirable.
In functional components, strength enables the production of lighter, severe working parts.
The rapid thermal conductivity of aluminum is also an ideal feature. In dress-
Up Assembly billet parts look more serious and strong.
The mechanical processing has increased the mechanical feeling of the car.
Many people think that mechanical parts are elegant and elegant.
Sometimes, just being able to judge that the part is processed, not cast, gives the part an important feeling.
For many enthusiasts, machining parts also have different artistic values.
Many billet aluminum auto parts are made of 6061 aviation grade aluminum.
This is a very good general purpose aluminum that performs well in most cases.
Another grade of aluminum for auto parts is 2024 T3 or t4.
This is 6061 more powerful than you think, and the cost is higher.
This is used for serious working parts such as some better roller racks for racing engines.
CNC is the representative of computer numerical control.
The simplest program to run these machines is still written manually, but now most programs are written using CAM programs;
Computer aided processing
This is because using a CAM program, you can write complex code up to dozens or hundreds of pages in a few hours or minutes.
These programs are worked by the programmer, specifying the tool path, speed and cutting feed, depth of cutting, number of times the knife is taken, the tool to be used, and all other machining aspects.
Programmers still need to have machining knowledge when using a CAM program in order to tell it how to cut parts.
The CAM program simply makes it much faster to write code for CNC than anyone else, usually just a few seconds.
Depending on the complexity, the cost of a CAM program can range from $6,000 to $125,000.
This code is not always perfect and needs to be run simulated on a cnc computer before it can really be used to make parts.
Sometimes an exception may occur when writing code (glitch)
A specification may be wrong.
Sometimes programmers make errors when specifying information, such as printing errors.
Even after running the program in analog mode, parts may be processed from dense blue wax first.
This is to save the tool when there is a problem.
Wax breaks in place of expensive knives.
If the program needs to be changed, the person making the change must be able to read and understand this code, called G-
Code so that the necessary changes can be made manually.
Here is an example of this code: n10t01m26n20850m03 n30g90g00x. 433Y. 6875Z. 5N40Z. 1M08N50G01Z-. 375F3. 0N60G02X. 7823Y. 2193i0j0n70. 01x. 9629Y. 2699N80G03X. 866Y. 5I0J0N90G01X1.
0948It may look like gibberish, but for an experienced programmer it will talk to him or her.
This is another skill required to complete this type of work.
It takes time to set up a subversion machine, which is usually the main reason for the cost of processing a single project.
First, the work table of the CNC mill must be set up to accommodate the metal to be processed.
Even in a manual machine, this setting can reach 75% of the machining job.
The device must hold the metal solid in the direction required for cutting, and also to accommodate the tool being used so that nothing is in the path of the tool, such as the screw head, fixture, or vise claw.
Everything has to be installed in square and perfect.
Next tool (
End grinding, drilling, etc)
Mounted on the tool rack of the machine.
Each of these installed knives is then mounted on the spindle and touched
They are going to process the top of the metal raw material.
This program the tool length so that the machine knows at which exact height each tool will touch the top of the metal to be processed.
This is called \"z\"
Zero, which means the origin of \"zero\" or \"z-axis\", which is the vertical up and down motion in the Descartes coordinate system based on CNC programming.
So far, we have drawn and perfected parts in CAD, programmed G-
Using the CNC code of the CAM program, run the CNC program in analog mode to verify that it does what we want, edit the program for anything it needs, the material to be processed is perfectly mounted on the CNC grinding disc set to X-axis and Y-
Axis \"zero\", select and install all the knives into the tool holder, turn off all the tools that set the TLO (
Tool length offset)
Maybe a test was done with wax.
After all this, we still don\'t have a product and we don\'t make the first part.
In addition to all of these task inventory to grind, it must be cut from the bar inventory. Metal (
Steel or aluminum)
The length is 10 feet, 12 feet, or even 20 feet long.
This must be cut in the band saw into dimensions that can be installed on the CNC workbench.
Usually, in order to accurately install the inventory on the CNC workbench, it is necessary to process a perfect square end on one or more sides of the cutting piece.
How many pieces do we need? Twenty-five? One hundred? Five hundred?
After the part is finally processed on CNC, the initial inspection is completed.
Next, it removes all the sharp edges.
Clean up, remove the chip and coolant from the part and check again.
It may need to be polished from here (
Appearance items)
Like finishing the mirror.
After picking up from the grinder, it will be cleaned again to remove too much polished Rouge from the machined grooves and then clean the parts for the last time with aluminum polishing and micro polishingfiber towel.
The part is checked again before being packed in a protective foam package and placed in stock or shipped to the customer.
Machining custom parts this is an example of machining custom parts.
Imagine experiencing it all for a part!
Charge per hour in a typical store, no wonder why
The cost of a single custom part is what they do.
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