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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-10
Chrome plating, often referred to simply as chrome, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. The chromed layer can be decorative, provide corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures, or increase surface hardness. A component to be chrome plated has to go generally through many different stages. The first is to degrease the area to electroplate by removing heavy soiling. A thorough manual cleaning of the parts to remove all residual traces of dirt and surface impurities should be pressed into action. Depending on the substrate, various pretreatments can be done. Placing into the chrome plating vat where it is allowed to warm to solution temperature and then plating current is applied under which the component is left for the required time to attain thickness. Tin Zinc Electroplating System brings a brilliant shine to your dull auto parts, right at home! You can add a brilliant chrome like finish to your car parts made of brass, copper and steel. This electroplating is corrosion resistant and gives a protective layer to the parts. Tinzinc electroplating with Eastwood Electroplating System Tin Zinc makes old metal parts look new again and is easy to do at home as part of do-it-yourself project (DIY). This product is ideal to electroplate smaller parts of your car. Eastwood Electroplating Electrolyte Solution replacement Electrolyte can be used to replace contaminated solution or for plating larger parts. This Solution contains Sulfuric Acid. You must HANDLE WITH CARE to avoid skin and clothing contact. Use Eastwood's Disposable Nitrile Gloves. A Pack of two Anode Bars are recommended to replace used Anodes or for plating larger items Eastwood Company has been developing and selling unique Auto Body Repair Tools, Automotive Accessories, Auto Body Supplies, Automotive Paints, Paint Guns and much more to the Automotive Restoration Market since 1978. Eastwood Auto Body Shop offers quality auto restoration products for powder coating, metal shaping, detailing, customization and full frame-off restorations!
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