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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-08
Arts and religion play an important part in Thailand's culture. In many paintings and illustrations, you will find Buddha in his many incarnations depicted. This is popular with the natives and many artists become well known in the larger cities. Textile in another industry that is important to the government of Thailand as it equals to 50% of all handcrafts made. Textiles are manufactured mainly in North Thailand. Cotton, silks and other fabrics are hand manufactured from the original land crop, to its processing, dying, designing and final creations. However due to the aggressive marketing of the Chinese manufacturing the Thai textile industry is not as easy to obtain in the rest of the world. China currently is meeting 70% of the world's demand for silk. Choose Hill Tribe silver for original designs of charms, earrings, sterling silver rings, and necklaces. This particular group, called the Karen Hill Tribe, are known for theirwomen who wear brass rings around their necks. Each year, rings are added to until their necks can no longer support their heads without them. Earrings are won the same way. The girls start with small earrings and each year, bigger and bigger earrings are inserted until the lobe is stretched out. Silver is worn as part of their national costume and they have perfected a style of silver smithing that is recognizable. Thai artisans create other types of products. Paper flowers, intricate baskets and other kinds of woven objects, sculpture and carvings made of stone or plaster and even fruit. Cruise ships and world class hotels hire Thai artists to carve fruit for decoration of their buffet tables. These fruit carvers are also hired for entertainment much in the same way as ice carvers. The Thai government has recognized the importance of these ancient skills and techniques of their culture and to this end, they have directed an initiative to help with the marketing and exporting of particular handmade goods under one brand and label. This is also in an effort to assist cottage industry and to give Thai women opportunities at financial gain.
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