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Flag poles for residential and commercial ends

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-12
Flagpole halyard trucks determine how poles eventually work, in other words, whether or not the system that controls the flagpole rope is installed on the in- or outside of the pole shaft. Common systems that are available at flag and flagpole suppliers are: the single or double revolving external rope system and the internal rope system. The V-Cleat system, developed and patented by Colonial Flag (Sandy, Utah) is considered to be the 'latest' in the flag pole world. Other systems cam cleat and gearless electric winch with handle. As mentioned above, the Colonial V-Cleat flag pole is one of the latest innovations in flagpole technology. The sleek look and security that this system offers has been combined with the simplicity of a halyard to make the V-Cleat pole, which is an economical to other internal halyard systems. This patented 'V' shaped cleat is safely secured behind a lockable access door and maintains the halyard at any flag height. The polypropylene rope runs up the inside of the flagpole shaft from the cleat, through the truck and over a pulley to the outside of the flagpole where snap hooks, a counterweight and a retainer ring are attached. The cam cleat system uses an internal cam action cleat inside a heavily reinforced door-frame assembly. This particular system is both gearless and self-locking. Like the cam cleat system, the gearless electric winch is also mounted inside flag poles. The electric winch system comes with a removable crank handle and is considered maintenance free and adaptable to already existing flagpoles. The following standard features are usually included with the more common type flag poles: flagpole shaft, gold aluminum ball, flash collar (made from aluminum), snap hooks and covers, halyard system and ground sleeve.
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