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Death is the bitter truth of life. It is hard

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-09
Keepsake jewellery business is at rage. Today everybody desires to keep some part of ashes to touch their soul. These jewelleries come in various shapes and sizes and made from different kind of metals like brass, sterling silver, gold and platinum. Some people make memorial in loving memory of their spouse or elders. Nowadays converting ashes into diamonds is craze among people. Ashes and diamonds both are the substitute of carbon. Diamond cremation is good choice in that it creates a long-lasting keepsake. Ashes and diamonds are easy to transport, and can be set in a variety of monuments like from a ring to a necklace to earrings or simply a special box or monument. Compressing your loved one's ashes into a diamond or diamonds allows you to minimize the amount of space your memorial will take up, and will also spare you the trouble of transporting ashes in moves, or risking seeing the ashes spill in the event of an earthquake or toddler on the loose. Typically, when one opts for diamond cremation, one first decides how many diamonds one wishes to have made and this decision will of course be influenced by one's budget and desired final product, and also in the amount of ashes one has. The company with which you decide to work will give specific measurements needed in weight for each diamond, and many provide special shipping containers into which you have to put the required amount of ashes. Before ashes are sent in, you must also decide what type of diamonds you would like to create, because these diamonds are created in highly controlled conditions, you have influence over the colour of diamond you create. Consider the colour as this may be your spouse's favourite colour he or she wore. Carbon released during cremation is captured as a dark powder, which then heated to produce graphite. The graphite is sent to a lab where it is synthesized into fancy coloured diamonds. Diamonds are genuine, they are not synthetic or cheap imitation but real diamonds only created in a laboratory. They possess the exact same characteristics of mined diamonds; they are cut and polished and designed in exactly the same way as natural diamonds have been for centuries. Ashes and Diamonds ripped from huge mines - same fire, same hardness but without the social stigma, the blood, tears and sweat of hard labour or the environmental issues having a massive impact on the earth
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