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Xerox supplies high-quality printers. I have known

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-12
Listed below are the common problems associated with Xerox machines and the corresponding steps to correct them. No power. Printers need to be connected to a good and stable power supply. AC cords should be in good condition and securely plugged in, and the wall outlet must supply electricity with the right voltage. If the voltage is low, the printer may not work. It is not recommended to connect the printer in an extension cord, is also a bad practice if the printer shares the power supply with other high-power consuming devices. In addition, check the outlet if it has not been turned off by a circuit breaker. Does not print. If the printer is turned on but does not print, the problem lies in the connectivity of the computer and printer. Check the cable connection of the printer and computer. Visually inspect the cables and look for flayed parts, if you have a spare cable, use it and see if it works. Some Xerox printer models have offline and online status; make sure that its status is online. Frequent paper jam. This problem is as common as cold in humans. The common causes of paper jam are not the printer itself but the method of handling the paper. If the paper is damp, curled, does not meet printer specification, or not properly set, it may cause a paper jam. Damp paper should be replaced, make sure you stock your papers in a cool and dry place. Curled paper can still be used, arrange it in a way that the curl is facing downwards. If the cause of your jam is not the paper, check the printer. The things you should look for are: proper tray setting, much of paper and tray setting, foreign material inside the printer, torn paper inside. You may refer to the instruction manual to determine how to properly set the paper tray. To determine if there is a torn paper or foreign object inside, open the door of your printer and inspect it visually. Slow printing speed. Check the printer's print quality. You can find this function when you are accessing the print section of the word processor. Set the quality to normal and see if the printing speed increases. If you want the printer to print at maximum speeds, set the quality to fast draft, however, the image quality will not be that good. Some parts are not printed. It is also a common print quality problem. The common causes are damp paper, and wrinkled or folded paper. In these cases, you have to change your paper. To minimize the problems encountered in your printer, it is advisable that you take good care of it by giving it a proper maintenance at least once a month. You may refer to your manual to know how to conduct proper maintenance on your printer.
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