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why do brake lines have so many bends and loops?

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
You might think the person who designed your brake line is crazy, but all of these bends and loops have a purpose: they add flexibility.
Cars and trucks bend and bend when you drive.
Many trucks have a frame that supports the body.
The body is connected to the frame through a rubber bracket, so there can be a lot of movement between the body and the frame.
The main cylinder is attached to the body while some other brake parts are attached to the frame.
Also, when you step on the brake pedal, you bend the firewall of the car and move the master cylinder instead of the other parts in the brake.
Cars are not always accurate.
On a car, the distance from the main cylinder to the blowout preventer
The lock brake system pump will be slightly different from the other pump.
Additional flexibility is added to the brake lines, allowing cars to be assembled, although they are slightly different from each other.
If the line is short and straight, the movement of the car will eventually break the brake line;
Constant bending will fatigue the metal and eventually destroy the metal, just as repeated bending of the spoon will eventually break.
By forming a coil of the brake line, the bending of any part is very small, so almost no strain will be generated on the line.
To learn more about how different types of braking systems work, check the link below.
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