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Who are main customers to Luteng?
Ningbo Luteng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is mainly aimed at foreign markets where the downstream companies may use it to do further manufacturing. This brand positioned as a product of high quality and reasonable price. This is a basis for customer selection. Premium marketed products may be developed under Luteng and the corresponding clients may be sought.

Luteng is a well-known shaft coupling manufacturing company. Experience and expertise are two important aspects that ensure the company remains at the top of its game. cnc shafts is the main product of Luteng. It is diverse in variety. High-end textile manufacturing machinery is used for our company CNC Parts shaft coupling production. It is made of drawing machine, carding machine, roving machine, combing machine, and other equipment. Its surface is sleek without any metal burrs. The good fit of this product greatly helps avoid foot pain and other body-related problems. This product is an easy way to increase the quality of people's life. Processed by CNC machines, it has an accurate dimension and shape.

Complying with regulations of our company CNC Parts can make this company develop better. Contact!
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