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unsnarl your shop - with dnc.

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-20
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With DNC Flameco Engineering, Ogden, UT, producing complex paper-
Metal parts for aerospace industry.
These parts are made of titanium alloy, Inconel and other rare metals for use in engine and air frame construction.
To make these complex shapes, Flameco builds its own molds, punches, and other tools.
The loading shop includes two CincinnatiMilacron CNC vertical milling machines, Shizuoka CNC verticalmilling machines, an Amada CNC turret punch machine, and a waterjet cutting machine owned by a WestinghouseUnimate 6000 CNC Robot.
The other machines used here are the belens manual turret punch, the CNC line EDM and the aCNC lathe.
Until a year ago, the programming of the CNC machine was done on the manual system (diagram).
The program is stored on 8 floppy disks and sent to the back via cable-the-tape readers (BTRs)using anA-B-C-D (4-outlet)switch.
The transfer rate is 600 Potter to theMilacron Mills and sea turtles-
It\'s like more than 110 waves to Shizuokas. An average,700-
Milacron mill\'s ft program can be transferred in just 40 minutes-
If all goes well
Two years ago, Flameco installed the aUnigraphics CAD/CAM system to improve design and NC programming and speed up communication with customers.
The software runs on the micro VAX iiminicom in December.
The CAD/CAM system immediately begins to offer benefits, but communication in the Flameco store is still slow and complex.
The engineers still rely on the old 4-outlet switch.
Programming data from the Unigraphics system to the old programming system (at 600 baud)
Then go to the machine tool.
One reason to keep this slow and awkward link is that the icrovax II is too small to communicate directly with the machine CNC unit from it.
In addition, Flameco lacked experience designing the DNC interface at the time.
Protocol issues occur during transmission from the system host to the CNC unit.
In addition, programmers like the editor in the programming system for the elderly workers.
They have written 80% of all existing programs on this system, which will be very timely --
Transfer these many programs to the Unigraphics CAD/CAM computer.
In many cases, the process of transmission to the machine tool is interrupted.
This usually requires resetting the control of the machine, resetting the transfer switch, and then trying again.
Loops are usually repeated several times before successful transmission.
Usually, the data is disrupted before it reaches the machine tool.
The code and numbers will be lost.
In one example, the transmission system dropped 7000 lines of code.
In this case, it is not uncommon for programmers and operators to spend 30 minutes to an hour sending a program to the machine.
Also unpopular is that machine operators constantly beat apath between their workstations and the programming office.
They have to find an available programmer and find the disk that contains the program they want to send.
Fortunately, this program will be transferred in 40 minutes.
In a notorious case, a programmer was asked to help an operator transfer a program to his machine.
They had a protocol problem and delayed the transmission 6 hours before the program was successfully sent.
At the same time, another operator is waiting for the programmer to stop working on the program to help the first operator.
The Thustwo operator stood by and waited for work, two machines were idle and one programmer went crazy --for six hours.
Finally, communication became unbearable this winter a year ago, so Flameco began to look around for solutions.
After a thorough search, the company installed a simple, lowcost, PC-based DNC (distributed NC)system.
The systems in design and supply are Feiyu division, semourectronics and automation company, fuden, CA.
Installation, including wiring and connection to the CNC unit, took two days.
The DNC system of Flamecodiagram)
High quality by a assists Premium286 computer, Feiyu DNC software and hardware
Speed data transmission line with CNC machine interface and three Workshop terminals.
PC uses 286 microprocessor in MS-DOS.
As shown in the figure, the PC connects the MicroVAX II host and three store terminals of the CAD/CAM system.
One workshop terminal controls two Milacron CNC vertical milling machines.
The second operates two Shizuoka CNC vertical milling machines, and the third controls CNC turret punching machines and CNC robots with water jet cutting machines.
Gary Olsen, head of CAD/CAM and tool design at Flameco, reported: \"The cost of installing the Remex DNC system is $23,000 . \".
\"In the production of only one large forming mold, the system saved $39,000.
\"We finished our death and shift work in just five days.
In the past, we needed three shifts in three weeks.
We estimate that in the first five days, the entire DNC system has paid about one and a half times the cost for itself.
\"He believes that, conservatively, the DNC system will save $247,000 a year for flameco.
No one at Flameco has even begun to estimate the savings due to the general increase in store productivity.
Orson estimates that before installing the stagnant DNC, CNC millsoften cut only one hour of metal in eight hours of the shift.
\"This has resulted in a terrible backlog of orders,\" he said . \".
\"Today, we are in a very different situation.
The CNC factory is seven hours less than eight hours a shift.
We have cleared the backlog and can bring more work.
\"Flameco now believes that it is essential to use DNC in many applications because of their workpiece complexity, long belts, or frequent parts replacement.
For example, the large triangular forming mold mentioned earlier has many precise hemisphere machined into a surface.
The measure is about 80 \"36 long\" wide.
Some programmers at Flameco have said before that programming takes up half of their time.
They spent the other half of their time sending programs to machine tools.
Today, programmers spend little time on data transmission.
After completing a program, they just transfer it to PC 80-MB hard disk.
Later, when the machine operator needs a program, he can easily get from the hard-disk storage.
All he has to do is enter the program number and press a button.
This action loads the program into the correct CNCcontroller.
It takes only 90 seconds to transfer, actually 100-
Reliable percentage
Also, the system checks each program after sending to see if a transmission error has occurred.
Two Milacron CNCmills now allow the transfer rate of 9600 Porter, and two ShizuokaCNC factories accept the code of 2400 Porter.
The Remex system moves data between the DNC host and the store terminal at 19,200 port.
The productivity of stores has improved in many ways.
For example, machine operators do not need to come to the programming office when they want to transfer programs.
Also, there is now time to make some minor improvements to the program and easily identify the version of the program being used.
It recognizes when the DNC system has two versions of the program onfile.
The original version is placed in the \"lock\" directory, and the modified program is placed in the \"unlock\" directory.
Before a qualified programmer decides which version to keep, the machine operator is denied access to both versions.
Coming soon: electronic store file Remex DNC not only provides the network for the transmission of NCprograms, but also provides the basis for the complete electronic store file system.
Flameco considers their DNC system to be an ideal tool for the final transfer of the operating order, traveler, installation order and other alphanumeric and graphic data required for the workshop.
Both types of data will appear on the graphic terminal inserted into the Remex shop terminal.
Now, Flameco is trying to record the run-
Indicators of work costs-estimating.
By using the keyboard on the Remedex shop terminal, the operator enters the actual time it takes to run the job.
This data is sent to Lotus 1-2-
Spreadsheet program stored in DNCcomputer hard drive.
\"We think this is an early stage of electronic timing,\" Olsen said . \".
\"This will eliminate a lot of speculation about tool cost estimates.
\"Ultimately, the DNC system will help track the actual time of each job and each job --
Therefore, our estimate of the cost is much more accurate.
We can even insert the barcode reader into the floor unit and read the barcode on the part itself.
Accurately record the process of runningtime data.
\"In addition, Flameco will be able to transfer NC parts-
The datato program is carried out at another company facility in Ogden.
There, the data will be used to submit NC tapes.
Flameco believes that DNC is not practical in this factory because some of its production operations are rarely changed.
However, no matter what Flameco will do to its DNC system in the future, company owners, managers and others are very satisfied with what it has done for them and the services provided by Remex.
\"When Remex invoiced us, the system had already paid for itself several times,\" said Olsen.
Figure: Schematic diagram of Flameco old, manual programming system and Lan.
Please note that the transfer rate is slow and program storage is carried out using 8 floppy disks.
Graphic: Flameco schematic diagram: the new credit banking system and place of feyu Norwayarea network.
Pay attention to the fast transmission rate.
Because this system \"talks about the store\", the machine operator of Flameco can be in a 30-
Minutes of training
Photo: Gary Olsen, Flameco CAD/CAM and tool design manager, checked one of the three Remex DNC store terminals.
This special unit operates two Cincinnati Milacron CNC vertical milling machines.
Terminal receiving program from AST Premium 19,200 PC in 286 port-
Computer of DNC system
In the engineering office of the company.
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