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Uneven Stone Engraving

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-15
- How to solve problems of uneven stone materials while engraving Many of our router bits customers meet this problem in actual engraving machining: Then why this situation happens sometimes? Let us analyze the main reasons now. 1) Before CNC machines are finished production out of factory, all router machinery platforms are milled flat by carbide end mill, so the working table will be very even and stable without accidented. 2) Then how to try best to solve this kind condition of uneven stone engraving happening again? It needs professional technique and experienced skills. 3) We can deal with like this: (1) One way is: (2) Another way is: 4) So you could conclude that, even if the stone engraver milling machine is kind of CNC equipment products, but it still have defects. It needs us to use human wisdom to make up for its disadvantages.
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