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This machine gets its name because it moves round

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-25
In screen grading, the material is separated mechanically on the plates. Rolling bearings in the machine are stressed by high, mostly shock-type loads. Moreover, the bearings, while rotating about their own axis, perform a circular, elliptical or linear vibrating motion. This results in high radial accelerations which additionally stress the bearings, and especially the cages, considerably. The operating speeds are usually very high. As a result, the bearing temperatures are up to 20 to 30 degrees Kelvin higher than in normal applications. In addition, considerable misalignments between the bearing locations and considerable shaft deflections have to be accommodated. It is of multilayer and high efficiency (three layers or four layers), so it is often used in the behind of jaw crusher or impact crusher. This equipment manufactured by Hongxing Machinery adopted eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block helps to adjust amplitude, so that this kind of screen is of long stream line, many specifications and clear screening for different specifications. So it is widely used in the industries of quarry, building material, traffic, energy, chemistry, etc. Even though its production can meet the social demand, with the social development and technology improvement, its innovation also should be put into effect in the machinery manufacturers. What is its technical innovation direction and how it should be innovated in many industries have been attracted more attention of people. The technical innovation can be divided into knowledge, technological and management creation. This device innovation is absorption and digestion of the technical creation concept to produce new types of equipment so that it will meet the high requirement of consumers. In China Development Forum of vibration screening machines, many enterprises' representatives talked about creation in the machinery industry. After this forum, vibrating screen manufacturers are going to develop high value-added vibrating equipment as the new step of its transformation. The enterprises in this forum include Hongxing Machinery, Zhongxin machinery, Taihang Vibration Equipment and other mining machinery manufacturing companies. As for its development, the knowledge novelty and creative thinking are obviously important. The change management of science and technology pushed the creative ability; all of the signs show that some manufacturers have now begun to transform the technical system, a new round of vibrating screen technology, the scale of production, such a development given good prospects for the screening industry. jaw crusher:http://www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_11.html impact crusher:http://www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_12.html
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