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There are series of steps involved in the process

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-11
The entire process of manufacturing copper wire special cables such as braided copper rope includes series of steps. Initially the metal is been worked upon to form copper rods that is later transformed into wires. The foremost step involves mining and crushing of the metal. Then the process of grinding the crushed ore is done, here the crushed metal is passed through the large machines for transforming the metal in to powder. The machines acts on the metal in both the cylindrical as well as rotating manner, the waste slag are removed from it. Then the metal is worked upon for transforming it in to pure copper cathode by the steps such as electro winning, leaching, smelting and electrolytic refining. By the leaching process the weak copper sulfate solution is formed, this is treated in an electrolytic process tank as well. As stated before the entire process is referred to as electro winning. The process of smelting i.e. changing the oxidation state and getting ninety nine percent pure copper after purification is done. Then electrolytic refining is followed thus forming cathodes that are finally casted into wire rods. Once the copper rods are formed the process of drawing copper wires is started. The copper rods are been pulled from the drawing die with narrower ends that forces the copper rod's to shrink in diameter and be of longer length. The entire process is repeated many times thus progressively reducing the diameter of the wire. After application of pressure it is time for one of the most important part of copper wire manufacturing namely annealing process. Here heat is applied to the wires formed, the process is meant for bringing the much needed flexibility to the wire. In the process the wire has to undergo electric furnace for regaining the flexibility that has been lost in the drawing process. The next step is electroplating that is optional for forming different types of special cables namely tinned, braided copper rope or coated wires. The metal is re-crystallized in the process of annealing and is then ready to use as well.
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