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The Top 5 Best iPhone 4 Aluminum Cases

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
IPhone 4 aluminum shell because Apple wants to promote the iPhone 4 is a tough device that can endure being beaten, beaten and scratched, it is better to make mistakes in terms of safety --
This means protecting your iPhone 4 from accidental drops and scratches.
This is the reason to find the best and most durable iPhone 4 case.
Thankfully, there are many types of cases available on the market-
One of these types is the aluminum case.
Here we offer you five of the best iPhone 4 aluminum cases on the market today.
The first iPhone 4 aluminum housing in our list is the elemental housing steam 4.
I have seen and tested several aluminum cases for the iPhone and I highly recommend this iPhone 4 case not only for its durability but also for its stylish, tough and professional design;
It is also very light.
I \'ve had several cases of iPhone 4 before, and one of the things that attracted me most when buying one was whether it would increase the volume of the phone --
This is important if you want to use the iPhone dock.
The aluminum case of the steam 4 iPhone 4 goes through this requirement.
It\'s small and you hardly notice a box on your iPhone 4.
Of course, since we are talking about aluminum shells, then steam 4 made of solid blocks of aircraft grade aluminum, weighs only 19 grams, but is strong enough, able to withstand the daily dangers that can be encountered due to normal and abnormal use.
One thing you will appreciate about the aluminum case of the IPhone 4 is its anooxidation treatment, which is also a protective coating.
To protect your iPhone 4 from bumps and drops, the interior lining of this case has advanced absorbing materials that can cushion the impact of the impact if you accidentally drop the iPhone 4. (Price: $79. 95)
According to RockForm, the manufacturer of the iPhone 4 aluminum shell, the shell is a product designed and tested for several months before it becomes a reality.
The result is a good case to design and install properly for the iPhone 4.
The benefit of this particular case is that it is hand assembled and each case is serial numbered.
This means that each case is unique.
From a technical point of view, the Rokbed aluminum iPhone 4 case is made from 6061 T-
6 anode alumina, produced by solid billet through CNC machine.
Simply put, this iPhone 4 case is very durable and is perfect for your iPhone.
Another good feature of this situation is that it provides 6-sided protection for your iPhone 4 to prevent any drop, impact or movement.
Like any other iPhone 4 case, it has access to all the buttons, SIM card slots, and headphone jacks of the iPhone 4. (Price: $79. 00)Link to buy.
The kinetic aluminum iPhone 4 case is most like the aluminum iPhone 4 case, and the kinetic energy iPhone 4 case is also CNC processed.
Thanks to the rounded edge, this is a unique iPhone case, which also gives a comfortable space for this case.
This is somewhat different from the other aluminum iPhone 4 cases that are mainly \"square.
\"The interior of this shell completely protects your equipment from scratches with transparent coating materials, preventing your equipment from contacting the aluminum material of the shell.
Another unique thing about this situation is that, in addition to the main case for the iPhone 4 edge, it also provides additional protective parts for your iPhone 4.
For an extra $10, you can choose to purchase an optional real carbon fiber board.
You can or can not use this back panel, just use the aluminum bumper case, which is enough to protect your iPhone 4.
For fashion awareness, there are six color designs for this situation. (Price: $65)Link to buy.
Karas Kustoms iPhone 4 aluminum shell, Karas Kustoms iPhone 4 aluminum shell is relatively cheap compared to the other shells we look at in this list.
If the price is the main consideration for you to buy a case for iPhone 4, then that\'s your case.
But wait, will it ship compared to the other iPhone 4 aluminum case?
Just like the Rokbed case, each case is unique.
In addition, the housing is made of anodized material, delrin gasket and stainless steel press head hardware.
When used with the iPhone 4, this makes the case look and feel great
In addition to the price, this is another feature of the case that might convince you to buy.
The unique design will enable you to use the iPhone 4 in landscape or portrait mode without the need for a separate iPhone holder. (Price: $39. 00)Link to buy.
This is another aluminum iPhone 4 case made of the highest specifications
Aircraft quality-
Grade 6061 aluminum.
It also uses state-of-the-art engineering technology to not only design a durable iPhone 4 case, but also to design an elegant and delicate look and feel.
The advantage of this iPhone 4 case is that it is designed in such a way that it only touches the edge of the iPhone 4 glass material --
This prevents signal degradation when you are holding the iPhone 4.
The Alumacase aluminum iPhone 4 chassis also gives you access to all the basic ports and features of the iPhone 4.
In addition, you can choose a variety of colors, such as palladium silver, deep-
Sea blue, rose pink and absolutely yellow. (Price: $59. 95. )Link to buy.
You see, there are five of the best aluminum iPhone 4 cases on the market today.
Since the functionality and specifications of these cases are similar, it is difficult to determine which one is really the best.
Try as many options as you can when purchasing your iPhone 4 case so you can find the best option.
If you have already applied the existing screen protector for the iPhone 4, consider it too.
Some of these aluminum metal enclosures may cause bubbles on the screen display, so please choose carefully.
So which one do we recommend?
To be honest, our first choice is the element case steam 4.
I have tried this iPhone 4 case before and if it is not the screen protector on my iPhone 4 it is not compatible with it, I will buy this case.
It is very durable and looks stylish and definitely makes my iPhone 4 look and look good.
Of course, the other 4 cases we have listed are equally outstanding.
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