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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-07
Sleek Representations of Mid-Century Furnishing The Bertoia stools are another example of iconic mid-century classic furniture design. The stool was designed by Harry Bertoia in 1952. The most recognizable features of this chair are the seat cushion that is usually made from upholstery and the welded steel rods that create a wire form silhouette and back support. Harry Bertoia experimented with bending metal rods and proceeded to create one of the most recognizable pieces of practical art that modern history has ever known. The chair evokes airiness, lightweight ease, total comfort, durability, and undeniable strength. This chair complements another widely recognizable mid-century home furnishing design: the Arco lamp, a modern icon. The lamp is a design in total convenience. The structural floor lamp provides all the lighting coverage of overhead lighting with the portability and flexibility of a movable lamp that is not tied to permanent wiring. The sleek and shiny modern lighting fixture was designed in 1962 by the Castiglioni brothers. Whimsical and Serious Stool Design The stool named Sori Yanagi Butterfly was described by its designer as a product of true beauty that is not made but born naturally. The wooden stool that belongs to the category of iconic plywood furniture that was made internationally famous by the Eames brothers belongs to some of the great collections of famous enthusiasts and connoisseurs of mid-century furniture. The famed designer Sori Yanagi has managed to blend and bridge the East and West in this stool design. The Butterfly Stoolis a perfect symbolism of the new optimism and lightness of spirit of the new industrial age, while keeping the delicate qualities of traditional design from the Orient. Stool Evoking Butterfly's Flight The Sori Yanagi Butterfly is made of an identical pair of molded plywood that is held together with the use of a simple and very functional brass stretcher or metal connector. It is described as a Japanese haiku in plywood. It is precise, pithy, atmospheric, and graceful-just like a Japanese haiku poem. This Japanese design is the perfect melding of modern technology, minimalist art, and Eastern aesthetics. The Butterfly Stool is one of the most organic forms that came out of mid-century design that is marked by both style and functionality.
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