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The sudden death of a loved one leaves us bereaved

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-09
Memorial jewelry includes different pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants. Generally, they feature a small compartment that holds a small part of the cremated remains of a deceased loved one. This kind of memorial jewelry is available in various metal finishes like titanium, sterling silver, pewter, brass, and gold vermeil and gold. Moreover, these pieces of memorial jewelry could be personalized by engraving the name or important dates of the deceased individual. Memorial jewelry is the ideal choice for the people who do not wish to part with the ashes of a deceased loved one. A lost loved one would always be close to you. Moreover, the memoir becomes even more personal after being worn. Amongst the pieces of memorial jewelry, a memorial ring remains a popular option. These rings are available in various designs. While majority of them appear to be ordinary pieces of jewelry, others give an impression of funerary pieces. Opt for a style that suits the character of your loved one. Similar to regular jewelry, the pieces of cremation jewelry are also made from silver, gold and pewter. Precious gems and even diamonds can be embedded in the designs. Moreover, you can add to its sentimental value by utilizing a piece of jewelry worn by the deceased. Most of the people appreciate the value and comfort of a ring. You can make the rings personal, with accents specific to your deceased loved one. The ring allows you to have a physical keepsake of the departed soul. It also gives you the inner strength needed to face such a heart-warming situation. Over the years, pieces of memorial jewelry have transcended from simple pendants to the sophisticated photo engraved pendants. As the name itself suggests, a photo engraved pendant features a pendant which is laser engraved with the portrait of a loved one. A high resolution digital image or a simple photograph is needed for the procedure. Thereafter, the image is copied for enabling a permanent transfer over the surface of photo pendant.
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