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The sport of golf is expensive. There are many

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-11
Golf clubs are engineered to precision; to perform and last long. A little damage can adversely affect your game. Golf Club Heads protect your precious clubs from the above mentioned damages. These heads are designed ergonomically, in an array of materials such as neoprene, leather and other abrasion resisting materials. These are available in a number of form factors such as; heads that cover only the drivers, and others that cover the shafts as well. These are typically designed with magnetic buttons, Velcro or zippers for ease of opening and closing. Golf Club Componentsdo not mean just the club head. Ironically, most golfers either change the heads or simply replace the club itself, which in most cases can be an expensive affair. Although heads come for every kind of club such as wood, iron, wedge and putter, other components such as the shaft and grip also form integral parts of golf club assembly. Next time when you think of refurbishing your golf club think of shaft and grip also. It will definitely give your club a new lease of life. Golf Shafts are broadly classified on the basis of material that is used to construct them. Steel and graphite shafts are the two common options available to the golfers. A steel shaft is made from solid steel and chrome plated to give it a lustrous look and also prevent corrosion. On the other hand a graphite shaft is made from light weight carbon fibre held together by epoxy resin. These are much lighter than steel shafts. Graphite clubs are designed longer, to give the golfer that extra room for the swing. On the other hand steel shafts are designed in shorter lengths. This invariably gives the golfer a feel of control with regards to the swing and direction. A proper choice will improve your game immensely.
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