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The republic of India is a very beautiful place

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-15
The heritages of our country are today used as mere garbage slots and are totally on the verge of extinction. It is sad but it is a fact that nobody is there to take care of the ancient sites which gives us a picture of our glorious past. In the capital city of India, Delhi, there are many monuments that serve as heritage sites. For example, the Tughlakabad fort, which covers the largest area amongst all the other monuments of Delhi but due to the harsh weather, the monument is badly hit and one can see only some bits and parts of the whole original structure. Today government has marked it in the list of protected monuments, so various tourists have started giving it some importance. There are various small monuments scattered all over the city, which are turned into sleeping areas for the poor beggars and some has turned into garbage bins. There is the beautiful monument known as hauz khas ruins as well, which has a wonderful lake in front of it. The place is picturesque. But it is just the ruined part. Rajasthan also has various unprotected monuments which were once important sites but today mere broken parts of the history of India. 5,220 monuments of Rajasthan are unprotected. The state has the largest amount of such monuments. The negligence with which the country is treating these heritage sites is not appreciable. After Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of unprotected monuments. It has around 3,653 such monuments. West Bengal has 3,627 monuments while Orissa has 3,248 unprotected monuments, followed by Haryana at 2,537. Pondicherry has 1,800 unprotected monuments while Goa has 1,384, Maharashtra 972 and Himachal Pradesh 909. It is really strange, the country is in the process of becoming a developed nation but still it is failing to ensure the safety and protection of the valuable things that are stuck in the lap of this nation. These historic structures are yet to be taken over for protection by the government. And these are not isolated cases. Many monuments have simply disappeared and the areas are just marked. As it becomes really difficult for a monument to stand erect from the various centuries and tackle the unpredictable weather conditions of India. The various unprotected monuments are in such a declining state that only ruined remains of them are left to see.
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