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The Gemini Embossing and Die Cutting Machine-Tips and Ideas

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
Regarding the appeal of Gemini, it has been surprising considering that Gemini bosing and die-cutting machines are only available for a very short time.
It was made by fellow Crafter.
The first feature of this machine is that it is a \"stand-alone\" die-cutting and stamping unit.
This means you don\'t need a computer.
It finished all the tasks without the task.
There is only one connection from Gemini to wall socket.
Connected to the back of the machine.
There are three models to choose from.
The original Gemini has the largest platform of the three models.
The Mini is small, but the platform size is good.
Gemini Go is one of the smallest and most portable models.
All of these models can use die-cutting and impression folders of most standard sizes.
The only exception I found was the old fill ink die-cut folder.
There is a reverse button that allows you to control the distance from the plate to the machine.
If you cut only one fewIt, it saves you time and is faster and quieter than most machines.
From velvet to heavyweight fabric, it can cut almost anything.
Since the pressure is higher than most machines, I can cut multi-layer materials at a time.
It is a package containing Gemini, transparent cutting platform, bottom cutting platform, metal cutting platform, magnetic gasket, plastic gasket, rubber embossed pad, 3d Die clip, 3 metal molds, user guides, standard gems for power cables, with a plate or platform area of 9 \"by 12. 5 \".
This makes me very happy.
Because it will cut multiple molds and embossed folders at the same time.
For a motor with a very large power, the space it occupies is very small.
I put mine on a small table.
The actual size of the machine is 5.
6 inch high, 14 inch wide, 7. 7 inches deep. It weighs 15. 23 lbs.
Basically a machine made for your craft room.
It has pause, restore, and reverse buttons.
The passage time is about 16 seconds.
Gemini Junior is the standard size for the reduced version.
It has the same pressure as the larger model.
The only difference is that it is smaller in size and smaller in surface area.
The plate area cuts the edge to the edge.
The size is 6 \"by 8 7/8 \".
The machine itself weighs 10 lbs. 6 lbs .
The actual size of the machine is 5.
4 inch high, 10.
6 inch wide 10. 7 inches deep.
The pass time is 10 seconds.
Gemini GoThis is the smallest but most portable of the three models.
That means you can pick it up almost and take it anywhere.
But from the point of view of the motor and operation, these features are the same.
There is an opening of 3 1/8 on the side platform.
It is a package with plates, embossed pads and corresponding gaskets.
The platform for this mode is 3 \"wide 6\" long.
The machine is 4, 45 inch high, month.
38 inch wise and 7. 72 inches deep. It weighs 3. 97 lbs.
The passage time is 14 seconds.
The good thing about this model is that you can put it in your own accessory bag (
Purchase separately)
Take it anywhere
Gemini\'s enhanced cable and power supply make it a truly portable model.
This power supply is purchased separately.
Gemini is built specifically for people who use quilts and fabrics.
This is an automatic die-cutting machine that can cut fabric, leather, felt, etc.
This model is not the same as other models in Gemini.
It has a wider open range than other models.
It also features an oversized platform to cut fabric edgesto-edge up to 8. 75x12. 5 inches.
It is compatible with most metal molds.
It cuts multi-layer fabric at the same time. This package contains a Gemini machine, two clear cutting platforms, a metal cutting board, a plastic gasket, a Threaders metal cutting mold (18 piece set)
User Guide and power cord. US Plug.
Use only at 110 voltage. Special molds in shape allow you to cut parts for quilts and other items.
The Gemini operation button actually uses only three buttons in the Gemini operation.
I like the simplicity of this machine.
The first button is the on/off button called the power button.
You press it to open it.
You will see the button lighter when the machine is used.
The pause and restore button will cause the machine to stop until you press the button to restore, or tell it to reverse with the reverse button.
Don\'t force platforms into Gemini.
If the gemini feels that the combination is too thick to pass through the roller, it will stop the forward motion and reverse automatically.
Verify the platform combination before sending the platform combination into the machine again.
Also check that you didn\'t try to cut or emboss too many layers of material at a time.
Due to the high pressure in the machine, the cutting plate will naturally bend over time, which will not affect the performance of the plate or the machine, but you can reduce the bending on the plate by rotating and flipping the plate.
There will also be marks on your plate.
It is normal to wear.
However, the plate will last for a long time.
These marks will not interfere with the use of your machine.
There may be cracking noise when you put the plate through the machine.
This is also normal and does not affect the use, cutting or stamping function.
When you cut a very complex mold, the use of the gasket helps you get the maximum pressure.
The Metal Shim-
This is a gasket that can be added anywhere in the sandwich to increase the pressure.
When it is placed above the material you are cutting, you get a stronger cut.
Magnetic gasket-
This gasket is best used under your mold.
It is used to fix your magnetic mold in the appropriate position.
Never use a magnetic mold on your mold.
Death will cut into it.
This is a common mistake in using the GeminiFor true thin mold, you can use a piece of paper between the plastic gasket and the bottom cutting board.
This is an extra gasket that adds more pressure to the cut.
If the mold is very complex, you may have to run it twice on the machine.
For simple molds, you should only use standard sandwiches.
Adding additional gaskets can cause the cut to bend or twist.
It also causes your plate to bend.
Sandwiches are the location and configuration of your plates, in other words, how they are stacked.
I always build my Gemini sandwich up from the bottom.
You always start with the cutting board at the bottom and then build from there based on the project you are working on.
Mold sandwich (
From bottom up)
Transparent cutting platform to be cut-
Knife Edge UpBlack magnetic ShimFrosted plastic ShimClear cut PlateEmbossing sandwich (
From bottom up)
Transparent plastic tablet embossed folder with transparent plastic flat metal mold inside. What\'s exciting about Gemini is the number of parts you can cut with a wafer thin mold.
According to the material you use, you can go from 5-
Cut on a wafer die head.
Always make sure the mold is the blade side up!
Thin metal die clip (
From bottom up)
Bottom plate on the bottom plastic gasket (Frosted Plate)
On the base platform magnetic gasket on the top of the plastic gasket.
The magnetic side above the cutting mold and blade (sharp side up)
, The smooth side faces the magnetic shimMaterial material or paper, on the top of the magnetic shimClear cutting board, ensuring uniform alignment of the stack.
Gently feed into the Gemini stack.
Once the machine starts feeding the plate into the machine, release your stand.
The very complex diesel substrate is located on the bottom plastic gasket on the top of the magnetic gasket, followed by the magnet side, the blade or the cutting side, and the smooth side facing the magnetic material or paper is located on the top of the dieMetal cutting board, the top of this clear cutting board is located on the base platform of the top cutting die of the metal cutting board on the bottom plastic gasket, with the blade side facing up and the smooth side facing the plastic gasket.
The material is at the top of the mold-(
Up to 6 thin fabrics)
The clear cutting plate is placed on the top of the material to be cut, and the plate and material enter the double Crystal impression with diesel oil. The base plate is at the bottom, the plastic gasket is at the top of the cutting die, the blade side up, and the smooth side to the plastic gasket.
Put your material on top of the mold.
Important: If you have just cut the mold, your material will still be inside the mold and don\'t remove it.
Remove the magnetic gasket and/or metal cutting board and proceed with the following after the mold is in place: the rubber press pad is placed on the top of the material, the transparent cutting board is placed on the top of the press pad, once the machine starts running the board, just send the board into the cutting machine, use the FoldersBase board to loosen the flat Press grain, put it on the bottom Press grain folder, the material in the folder is placed on the bottom Press grain folder, if you press the grain is very thin material (
Such as lint or acetate)
, You can reduce the pressure by placing a thin copy paper inside the embossed folder.
This is the latest addition to the Gemini series of craft machines.
It works with Gemini teenager and full size Gemini with adapter board. (
The adapter board is not included in the bundle and must be purchased as a separate item.
It can only be used with these models.
Depending on where you buy it, it is usually sold as a package for around $180 plus shipping.
The bundle includes a base plate station, foiling platform, metal gasket, top plate, silicone pad, magnetic tweezers, 2 finger clips, a roll of foil, power cord, foil Press die, manual and warranty documents. (
Bundles may vary depending on where you buy them)
Features include built-in timers.
There is even temperature on the whole plate. It a;
Therefore, it has the function of automatic shutdown.
It can foil the following items: a large number of materials, including: 300gsm card inventory, 350gsm card inventory, 300gsm Pearl card inventory, 135gsm vellum, 250gsm mirror card inventory 250gsm flash card inventory, 0.
Acetate, faux leather, cotton (15gsm)Including Cowboys)
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