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the fastest county in america

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-17
Depart from popular MechanicsRight in downtown Annapolis, North Carolina, from V-
The intersection of 8 th Street, Sedan Avenue and cadillac Street is a connected loop --
It\'s called West Avenue all the way.
This is a bustling street full of Wellsmaintained one-and two-
Surrounded by a multi-storey brick house dominated by Willow Oak and sloping parking spaces.
But the locals in the middle
In the 20 th century, remember some noisy things: restaurants, cinemas, and the extension of West Avenue are still known as idiot circles. The old-
The timer says that the idiot circle is the late Dale Earhart, arguably the greatest in the North Carolina professional racing team, the first place to learn the art of racing.
When I was a teenager, Intimidator practiced a simple program: Cruising the idiot circle.
Find a personal match.
Hit the throttle. Go left. Go left. Go left again.
The man himself is now investigating his old site.
A half block from the center of Dale Earhart\'s tribute square, there\'s a 9-foot-
The tall bronze statue of Earhart, he looked southeast to the circle with a smile.
When I found myself chatting with eindhart\'s childhood friend and racing partner Greg Deku, he was nearby.
Dayvault leaned against the fender of his perfect 1935 Ford car and couldn\'t help but hand out car advice.
\"You should always feel the gas before you put it in the tank,\" he said . \".
\"Drop a little on your fingertips and rub them together.
If you feel the smell of ancient rice, someone will be dumped in [additives]
They don\'t mix well.
Will Destroy Your seal. rings.
\"Cars run in the blood of this person, regular cars, racing cars,\" wine cars.
\"Let him continue to remember in that southern town inland, and he will take you back to another Annapolis --
A few days before the stock race became a national race car
TV contract and sponsorship of large enterprises.
Before he drove Earhart\'s first car, Dayvault was one of the car enthusiasts who cruise along the streets of town with Earhart on Saturday night.
Considered one of the most aggressive drivers in racing history
The man named \"Intimidator\"
The original driver was a kind of cotton without any threat. candy-pink Ford.
\"Dell\'s neighbor gave him a 1956 Ford to play,\" Dayvault told me . \".
\"He didn\'t have enough red paint to cover the whole car, so they mixed it with some other paint and it turned into pink.
\"It\'s obvious that Earhart doesn\'t care.
They continued to paint \"tuning services for Dayvault\" on the side and played on the local dirt road.
During Earhart\'s competition, Annapolis was home to textile manufacturer Cannon Mills, a small corporate town.
However, in the second half of the 20 th century, few industries shrank so fast as textiles.
Annapolis had to reshape itself.
The new economic engine to promote urban development is
Technical Research, a consortium of universities to build new facilities on the former site of the factory.
However, you can still feel the ghost of old Annapolis.
Drive around and you will find the small and ordinary house built by the mill for the workers and hear the echo of street racing, dirt roads and idiot circles.
Burnt rubber and illegal smell.
There are more Porsche and Ferrari in Los Angeles, and many people think that Boston people drive like they run to the hospital with a delivery woman.
Cabarrus County in North Carolina is definitely not a hotbed for importing European supercars, nor is it a big Northeast rush.
But as the fastest County in the United States, this is a good idea.
This is the Holy Land that goes too fast.
This is the country of vaporizer.
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the most popular racing car in the United States, has produced 28 different champions.
Nine of them come from cabalos and their surrounding areas.
In the early days, Buck Baker was the first back-to-back championto-back titles.
After him, Li Peti, the first driver to win three championships, came.
Richard Petti, from Randolph, North Carolina, topped the list in the 1980 s, followed by 1990 racing star Dale Earhart.
Today, in the first three series of NASCAR, about 90% of the teams are at 100-
Miles radius of Charlotte highway.
\"From the early days of car racing, most of the best teams, drivers and techniques have moved here,\" said Lenny battiki, communications director at Charlotte Motor Speedway . \".
Like Hollywood.
Because of this opportunity, you can find the best actors, movie editors and so on there.
This is similar.
Here you will find the top professionals in the industry: the best chassis manufacturers, the best motor manufacturers, the best parts manufacturers and the best drivers.
\"How did all these speeds end here?
The answer is under your feet.
If you\'re standing in Cabarrus County and don\'t see the top of asphalt or black, it\'s likely that you\'re standing on red clay.
Red Clay, known as ultisol by geologists, is a rough, fragile, rusty och color.
This is also great for racing.
Buz McKim, official historian of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, said: \"Red Clay in North Carolina is the perfect racing surface . \".
\"If handled properly (
Mixing, grading, compaction and watering)
There\'s nothing better than racing.
\"Clay is not always so precious.
For example, the soil in cambaros County is not particularly fertile compared to fertile soil in Iowa or Palus, Washington state.
The North Carolina who made a living from the land had to work hard for their money.
If there is another way to make a few bucks, then Tar Heels have the incentive to find it. They did.
Back in 1930, 40 and 1950s, this section of the North Carolina Highlands is sparsely populated and quite suitable for growing corn, close to many dry counties that don\'t have bars or liquor shops.
Some aggressive rural types that are more ambitious than respecting the law decide to produce and sell duty-free adult drinks. Moonshine. \"[Moonshining]
\"Knowledge and skills are passed down generation after generation, and making these things is a way of life,\" McKim said.
\"Of course, keeping this lifestyle means that the LGBT need a way to move their products without being arrested, and that\'s how the history of illegal drinking and stock racing is intertwined
Instead of coming up with clever ways to sneak past federal agents and their Dragon net, many whiskey runners took a direct approach: they would go faster than a police car. The best-
The famous NASCAR driver who admits to piracy is Johnson Jr. , one of the biggest drivers of 1950 and 1960.
He won 50 NASCAR games before he retired. 1960s.
But Johnson is far from The Only Pirate who refused him. track-
Turn the experience into something more legitimate.
Daniel Pearce, a professor of history at the University of North Carolina, studied the history of the sport, explaining that many of the earlier
The racing driver of the times is a liquor player.
\"Many of the early NASCAR mechanics, car owners, promotion, etc. were involved in moonlight and piracy.
\"It\'s not just a fictional story, it\'s not just a driver,\" he told me in a conversation near the Hall of Fame.
The creation of \"Still Life\" by Johnson Jr.
\"Many of the early NASCAR mechanics, car owners, promotion, etc. were involved in moonlight and piracy.
Typical lunar transport at the beginning
People like Gregg Deku still call them wine carts.
It\'s a pre-war Ford Coupe.
Hard spring, improved carburetor and drilling
The engine can come out of hell like a bat and beat government agents in pursuit.
Over time, the means exceeded the purpose.
The Moon family did a better job of making cars fast than they did in making illegal corn whiskies.
It wasn\'t long before a moonlit wondered if his car was faster than his opponent\'s. Races ensued.
Soon, more and more racing drivers, automakers and spectators were involved.
According to McKim, he is a part-time driver of a former driver.
Bill France, the time runner, realizes that if the race is organized and there is a uniform set of rules, how big will the race be.
France believes the sport needs a national ranking and a champion driver every year.
In 1947, he organized a meeting of top drivers and car owners from all over the country to draft a plan.
They came up with NASCAR, the National Association of car racing.
Since then, the sport has never been seen in the rearview mirror.
The old saying of Ernest Hemingway is this: \"There are only three kinds of sports: Bullfighting, racing and mountain climbing, and the rest are games.
\"I used to think that athletes wouldn\'t do it by sitting in the crowded racing cockpit for hours and dragging the steering wheel.
Hell, I\'m from L. A.
Go to Sydney in coach class.
Sitting in a seat with a 19 inch ass gap for 16 hours, and while it was a ordeal, it didn\'t mean I was an athlete.
But this is a flawed analogy.
Unless you have experienced it in person, it is a bit difficult to understand the sports ability of the car.
It\'s a combination of eyes-
Hand coordination, endurance, attention and nerves.
The best way is to climb up the cockpit of a car that is too powered.
Of course, you can\'t be a NASCAR driver overnight.
However, there are many ways to live at high speed in the country of the carburetor.
The World Kart Association is headquartered in Concord, North Carolina, under the shadow of the highway.
As you expect in racing
Crazy South with several indoor and outdoor tracks nearby where you can race gaspowered karts.
If you haven\'t experienced it, you might think of a kart as something for your child. Don\'t. Go-
The Kart is exciting, and many professional riders, including Juan Pablo Montoya, Danica Patrick and Tony Stewart, started like this.
Kart is a simple and exciting car that is safe and cheap.
Because 9-hp 270-cc engine-
The size and shape of the equipped Kart are the same, and success is attributed to driving skills.
Even if you are a middleman, you have to start somewhere.
A seven-year-old manyear-
When an old kid like Stewart started going karting
So I drove to the kart track at Victory Lane in the northeastern suburb of Charlotte, put on my helmet, climbed up my seat and put on my seat belt.
I guess my game is made up of four men and two women.
They are younger than me and they have done similar things before.
In the beginning of the wave of flags, we left.
For 8 minutes, we glide on the track, brake on sharp turns and turns, open through the straight track, from nose to tail, from wheel to wheel. While the 9-
The hp engine in a typical shopping cart doesn\'t look much, and it\'s enough when you consider the weight of the kart.
On top of that, you sit just a few inches from the ground and feel a lot more speed than the radar gun shows. Speed-
And the feeling of your ass flying almost off the ground-
Just part of the racing experience.
I am not an experienced kart driver and they understand that winning depends on skilled control of the kart momentum.
I ran a few laps on the kart for the first time and I was happy to slide into the curve like in the middle
King of Tokyo rafting.
Later, I got excited because the speed of driving was too slow.
Effective turns and brakes are the name of the game.
You soon learn not to plow into turns at the highest speed and try to waste --
Once you start to fall behind, you get the power to slide into other karts and walls.
There was no downtime during the kart race.
Mastering the power of my machine means that I have to constantly avoid stagnant or crowded karts when turning, braking and acceleration, and track faster and slower traffic.
I get better, but I can\'t keep up with the fastest players.
Let me tell you, I was bruised by my self-esteem.
Later that day, I spoke to Howard Hitchcock about the experience of the kart.
He is the president of Lionel Racing, which produces licensed molds
The casting model of the car.
He is a person who knows the car and spends a lot of time on the car and other vehicles.
His suggestion is to cheer up and practice more.
For 8 minutes, we glide on the track, brake on sharp turns and turns, open through the straight track, from nose to tail, from wheel to wheel.
\"In order to gain experience, you must go all out [This makes you
Close to victory, \"he said.
\"I \'ve been in the kart race at charity events against pro riders like Joey Logano and Jimmy Johnson.
Even if they drive exactly the same car as you, they will knock you down.
They just see what you can\'t see.
They do things you can\'t do.
When you play against them, you really appreciate how good they are.
\"About once or twice a month, ordinary people can drive Charlotte racing at a speed of 600 kilometers. hp stock car.
It\'s called Richard Petty Driving Experience.
About 25 years ago, after he retired from racing, the Hall of Fame Patty and his partners came up with the idea.
The rpdu offers a range of experiences from $ hundred to thousands of dollars.
They both offer
Play the thrill of NASCAR driver.
I put on the Nomex fire in gray and black
I was wearing a bullet-proof suit and a black helmet and climbed in from the passenger window I was riding in, a clone of. J.
Not Allmendinger.
47 blue and orange Chevy with the words \"Bush\'s best beans\" on the hood and Fender.
Once you enter, submission is a major operation that requires the location and adjustment of four to five different intersections
The body strap, and finally a head restraint device called the HANS device was attached to my helmet.
Stock fans know that despite the name Chevrolet
Like the look, NASCAR vehicles are a completely different beast.
It\'s a fact that it hits your face when you\'re tied.
Apart from the lack of glass in the side window, the interior of the car is just a metal case surrounded by a rolling cage made of welded steel pipes.
There is no speedometer, silencer or wing mirror.
The driver promised me that we would \"walk really fast \".
\"Or something like that.
Even in my spare time the roar of the engine was so loud that I really couldn\'t hear his name or anything else he said.
Once a signal was sent to move on, we accelerated out of the pit area on car 47 and followed another car through the middle of the track into 24-degree-
Circle 1 and circle 2.
Then, before going into bend 3, we really picked up the steam directly on the long back, moving only a few inches from the wall in my opinion.
Take multiple G-
The troops pressed me hard on the seat.
As can be seen from the video I checked my ride later, it took us about 37 seconds to finish 1. 5-
One mile per lap, about 146 miles per hour.
On the straight line, I think we are over 170.
At high speed, the physical world is an uncomfortable place.
Sitting in the passenger seat of a speeding car is a exhausting, uplifting sight, sound, pressure and strength for my body and brain.
When driving 400 laps in busy traffic, dealing with all of this is what racing drivers often do.
Yes, they are athletes. There are $1.
The vaporizer country is packed with teams worth five billion dollars.
With this dough, team owners can build their own store facilities for tourist attractions.
It\'s not just a matter of competition.
Fans gathered here to visit the competition store, which is often the Grand team headquarters, where the cars were built and their team members were training.
Performance Racing Network announcer Doug Rice told me: \"This place is your Mecca if you are a stock car fan . \".
\"Everything is in one place.
You see more than just the game.
\"Through the front door of a large racing shop like Hendrick Racing or pensacker, you will see a lot of racing cars. Lots of cars.
Stock and open-
The wheel car, the retired car and the car ready to race, the winning car and the car that crashed.
If this shop is good, there are many trophies.
The largest racing operation company like Hendrick occupies the entire corporate campus with separate buildings for engine manufacturing, transmission and suspension construction, body shops, paint shops, and even weight rooms and competitions
Simulation environment of pit crew.
Rope partitions and glass walls separate visitors from the actual work area and in the actual work area, mechanics in team uniforms have made arduous adjustments to the engine, body and impact. First-
Visitors to modern racing shops are often surprised when they walk in.
They expect to build and adjust fast, loud, brutal machines like racing cars in an environment full of oil and smoke, as well as those with HEADCAPS placed under creepers cars.
In fact, today\'s racing shop is bright and sterile, a clean room with no oil stains.
When I visited there was no smell of gasoline, exhaust gas or nitromethane in the air.
There are more people staring at the reading of the digital meter instead of feeling gasoline for gum, more CNC machines and 3D printers
At least where the public can visit.
Lenny battiki of the Charlotte Speedway said the car produced by the speedway was \"almost a flying missile, almost flying off the track, and then avoiding the walls at the end of the straight track . \".
\"The car\'s aerodynamic sound and perfect track adjustment.
\"Such a perfect machine must be crafted in a perfectly designed environment --
Therefore, the technical accuracy of raw materials.
Richard Petit was not in the same situation as Johnson Jr. the-
Produce cars in large quantities.
Those old ones
The time race shop will be suitable for the gift shop of the modern race shop.
Oh, gift shop.
No entity is committed to corporate sponsorship as it did in the 21 st century.
Century NASCAR without kitschy T is complete
Shirts, caps and key chains.
The large gift shop at the team headquarters also has a lot of products unique to the racing world.
The most popular among them is death.
Casting a replica of my car
Racing coach Howard Hitchcock
Some imitation car models are very detailed, they are flashing very high light
Special plated finish.
You can also go home with a real car, or at least a few of them.
Those who have no money and have no closet space can get some used lugs nuts.
But if you have extra space in the trunk of your car, you can bring home one or two old Goodyear Eagle racing tires.
65 pounds per Eagle
Wear, soft, tread
Free racing rubber, a perfect souvenir for rare racing enthusiasts, with a display space for worn rubber.
More popular than tires are Sheets
Metal car artifacts for sale. Many race-
Shop gift shop for sale fresh cut, sponsor-decal-
Hood, Fender and roof of large carsname drivers.
For less than $200, the quarterly panel of Kasey kane Chevrolet can be yours.
Merch is a big enough business here to produce its own celebrities like artist Sam Bass.
Bath told me at the studio next to the racecourse: \"I played the first race when I was seven and was fascinated by speed and excitement . \".
\"The first time I saw the game, I told my uncle that I wanted to be a NASCAR artist.
\"Now Bath\'s work is spread across the country of the carburetor, from posters sold in gift shops to the cover of the competition --
The car itself is a daytime program for paint schemes.
Buss said he painted \"the driver I saw: the bigger --than-life comic-book-
So his style is full of bold colors and heroic poses, more like Jack Kirby than Ed \"Big Daddy\" Ross.
Bath is good at giving him a quick moving look of the car, which is a moving, two-
Size painting.
\"It\'s not the way the car is going, it\'s the road that gives the speed look,\" Bass said . \".
Some roads, like racecourse, look fast.
The Charlotte Highway is a fast lane.
Every year, it hosts many racing events, including the longest NASCAR race on the track, Coca-
Coke 600, all
Millions of stars
First prize in dollar
The same complex as the highway is the ZMax towing belt, which has the only four in the worldlane, all-
Concrete tugs, and top-
Notch short oval dirt track.
From racing to late models to professional classes like legends and Bandolero, almost everyone has a type of racing race.
Of course, asphalt racing is the most famous.
But for many here
The Real McKoy is a track race on dirt in Carolina;
Noisy, dusty, noisy, pure mind, not big-
Sponsorship funds.
Sprint Racing, one of the more popular short
Race Track classification, characterized by small cars with low horsepowerto-
The weight ratio and the unparalleled tires equipped with strange.
Some sprint cars put 1000 HP in 1,400 hp. pound chassis (Including drivers)
Only by adding huge inverted wings or vandals can they stop the car from airborne when it rotates around the track.
On a hot summer night I took part in the sprint and I watched the car ride on the track and the smooth tires ripped the damp dirt and stirred up the haze of Auburn, almost shrouded in the stands
This makes it sometimes difficult to see clearly the movements of the back stretching.
However, in the crowded stands, almost every fan seems to be fully engaged in the work, doing what they can to make themselves hear in the roar of about 20 kilograms --
The horsepower engine with throttle is fully turned on.
Nearly 14,000 fans can and can indeed enter the stands of the mud track at the biggest event.
Considering that few drivers are known outside of this rather mysterious, dirty world --
Sponsorship and advertising budgets are small leagues according to professional sports standards.
But there are 135,000 seats in Charlotte\'s contest, and it takes real effort to fill those seats.
It\'s been tough recently because NASCAR has experienced a considerable decline in attendance over the past decade or so.
Despite the decline, there are still many loyal fans who believe that NASCAR is not only a sport, but also a way of life.
This input is partly due to well-planned marketing and programming, making the fan experience of the contest unique.
For the fans, the game began very early.
Before the first driver started the engine.
\"I think I really like this more than the race itself,\" a racing driver told me when drinking beer before the race.
He refers to the activities carefully prepared before each game.
As you can imagine, the pomp before the national anthem is real and loud.
Coca-Cola this year
Coke 600, 600 soldiers from Fort Bragg lined up on the surface of the runway to hear the army band, and the commandos dropped from the Black Hawk helicopter, described in the show as \"Air Again\"
Implementation of the invasion.
Later, the airborne soldiers floated on the track while waving the garage --door-
Size of American flagThen four F-
15 planes passed over the highway, and the artillery battery at the rear exploded immediately.
Things continue in this way to the necessary countries.
Western record stars sing the national anthem.
Take part in a race, any race from sprint car to stock car is to get all your senses involved.
The car is bright in color and amazing in speed
Moving things, large enough to be seen clearly, but the size of the track makes it possible to take multiple views from any seat.
The volume is very large, pushing 130 decibels on the track side.
This is the same keen feeling as you hear.
Traces of hot rubber and exhaust gas permeate the entire facility.
On hot and humid days, add the taste of a cold drink and you will have an overwhelming sensory experience.
At least for me, the best moment was the start of the race, when the pace car pulled out of the track and released 36,000 hp of 40 cars at the first turn.
Spectacular and competitive is natural, simple-to-
Enjoy the combination.
Many of us just love speed, and maybe humans do it in the process of evolution.
Natural selection may remove slow from fast humans in the early days.
As Henry Ford said: five minutes after the second car was built, the car started.
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