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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-12
A Mature and Growing RTA Market The modern market for home DIY is dominated by furniture kits that don't even require power tools. You may have heard about knockdown or ready-to-assemble (RTA) kits from furniture builder shops. The most popular kits are RTA kitchen cabinets that even inexperienced homeowners and teenagers can assemble and use within a few hours. TheHomeImprovementResearchCenter has shown that kitchen remodeling projects represent 7% of home DIY projects as of 1989 and is growing. There are now furniture trade shows and mall displays that showcase kitchen sets most of which are assembled RTA kits. RTA Furniture, the Better Interior Furnishing Choice If you are building your home, you can strike a good balance between aesthetics and practicality with prefabricated sections and save on building cost. The bottomline is not to start from scratch. When it comes to your interiors, RTA kitchen cabinets figure as the most practical solution to get both in this part of the house. You can even start with your choice of any of those outstanding kitchen designs offered in many online RTA stores. Then build your kitchen around it. Alternatively, just get the interior dimensions of your kitchen and start shopping for any of those stunning RTA kitchen cabinets, one of which is sure to fit beautifully in your kitchen space. This also applies to a makeover project if you plan to tear down old or worn out kitchen cabinets when renovating this part of the house. What to Expect from RTA Kitchen Cabinet Kits You can look at RTA kitchen cabinets as prefabs. Kits cover a wide assortment of floor standing and wall-mounted cupboards, counter tops, storage shelves, and cabinet systems of various sizes, designs and wood finishes to suit almost any taste Every section is precision cut to fit where they should. Side and front panels as well as vinyl tops are already surface-finished as you see them in their catalogs. Holes for the screws are also pre-drilled and every part, including any glass panel, drawer slides, hinges, handles and wire frame organizers are pre-fitted and part of the kit. The most common RTA materials are particle boards with veneer finishes but you can go for solid woods or plywoods. They are more expensive but last significantly longer especially for kitchen cabinets and tops that are frequently used. RTA kitchen cabinets often come in a choice of oak, chestnut, cherry and maple veneer finishes with cabinet door panels that use concealed or semi-concealed hinges, drawers with under mount epoxy slides and handles that are flushed or raised using brass handles. To assemble, you only need the applicable screwdriver (Phillips or flat) and an ounce of patience, along with the ability to understand instructions and organize your work. Depending on the size of the kit, within a few hours, you get the beautiful and practical kitchen cabinet system the way you saw it in the catalog. Home DIY couldn't be more rewarding in such a short time.
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