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Standard golf clubs such as woods, irons and putters

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-27
Hybrid golf clubs adopt the best features of woods and irons to provide golfers, especially new entrants the required distance control and accuracy. They provide a much tighter feel than woods and tend to have large heads, which are made of titanium or hollow steel. Hybrids generally have shorter shafts. A grip is one of the essential components of a golf club. Golf grips are made of composite material such as neoprene or rubber. Some of the designs have cords embedded in them for improved grip. They not only enhance the look of the club but provide a consistent hold over a period of time. Grips generally have a cap at the top, also called a ring, which provides extra control over the swing action. Grips are changed every year or after forty games to provide heightened tack. Their shock-reducing rubber compound provides excellent comfort while hitting the ball. A golf club consists of three components; grip, shaft and the club head. Each of these golf components plays an important role in providing a superior club. Shafts are the driving force. These are typically made of steel or graphite. Graphite shafts are light which allows golfers to swing it at greater speeds whereas steel shafts are heavy which limits the swing action. Graphite clubs allows golfers to achieve longer distances. As discussed above, a grip is the first component from the top; the only part of the club which a golfer actually touches. Grips provide traction and the confidence to swing it with losing control. The third and the last component is the club head which is fitted at the lower end. Heads are made of different materials. Larger heads provide bigger sweet spot; typically used by beginners. Club heads are made of steel, titanium and other metals. Their loft angle varies according to the type of club they are fitted on.
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