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Some plumbing issues will required the assistance

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-15
DIY Advice from Plumbers in Melbourne The most commonly used faucets today, readily available in DIY stores; tend to fall into one of the following categories. These are: 1. Faucets with washers. 2. Faucets without washers. Before investigating which type of faucet needs to be replaced, or repaired, firstly turn off the water supply. Some faucets will also have their own shut-off valve. If this is not the case, ensure that both hot and cold water supplies have been turned off. Typical Faucet Problems and Disassembly Faucets with Washers Washers inside the faucet become worn over time. Calcium deposits tend to build up, causing hardening of the washer to occur. Problems with a leaking faucet can be temporarily resolved, by closing the facet more tightly around the washer. However, this will eventually lead to further wearing and damage. The washer will need to be replaced at some point. To disassemble the faucet, consider doing the following: Take out the screw. Unscrew, or snap off the cap by prying it with a blade. The decorative parts need to be handled carefully. Use pliers, softening the edges with electrical tape, to avoid causing damage to the decorative parts. Some modern faucets are comprised of several plastic parts. Take care when handling these as they do tend to break very easily. Remove the handle to reveal the nut beneath. Unscrew the nut. To unscrew the stem, rotate it. It this seems too difficult, it may be a good idea to reintroduce the handle at this point, to gain purchase while unscrewing the stem. Washer-less Faucets When washer-less faucets leak, it is usually an indication that one or more of the working parts are in need of replacing. Special repair kits for dealing with these types of problem are available from DIY stores. Inspection and Repair Once the faucet has been disassembled, you can inspect the individual parts for damage, wear or build up. Individual parts, such as the stem for example, will need non-abrasive cleaning. Stems also have a tendency to wear out in time. Replace any damaged parts or washers and reassemble the faucet.
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