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Several miners were rescued Chile copper mine

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-06
Chile copper mine in San Jose landslides occurred on August 5, 33 miners were trapped about 700 meters underground. Their relatives and friends gathered near the mine waiting for the crash, said that in the camp is 'hopeful camp.' Evening of 13 miners this month all the security Masui, relatives and friends began to withdraw, 'want to camp.' Finally, Masui miners 'leaders' Louis Siwu Ersu Asia in the 'hope camp', said: 'here waiting to see where our family had, this experience is very good.' Rescued miners and relatives in the 'want to camp,' a big tent to the Thanksgiving ceremony, expressed gratitude of the rescued.wholesale ugg boots.The event is not open. 32 people have been discharged Return to the scene rescued miners are psychologically a part of. 33 16 32 miners were allowed to leave the hospital, home for the night. Victor Zamora pull the miners to continue due to dental hospital, 19 were discharged later than expected. Director of health of the rescued miners, said the doctor, Jorge Diaz, doctors will continue to observe that if there are 33 signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Diaz said: 'They just ordinary people, neither from the astronaut candidates singled out the leader, nor received rigorous testing, so we do not know when they will appear post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.' Mario Gomez, 63 miners, the oldest in the rescued miners, the longest length of service.Ugg Classic Short.His 20-year-old daughter, said her father talked to his family trapped so far not experienced the pain when the family did not force him to speak out. 'I want to know everything, but we do not want to ask him anything.' Called for respect for privacy Turning to the future life of the rescued miners, Chile Health Minister Qi said: 'They will have a difficult time this week.' Overwhelming number of people rescued miners eager eyes. Victor Segovia miners go home, see a group of reporters waiting for him at home. 'That's no,' Segovia said, 'We are ordinary people, just survivors.' Hu called on the media miners rescued respect for individual privacy.sale ugg boots.'Please do not put our business media as an entertainment story. We have seen some of these titles. I mean the things Johnny Barrios. Please be considerate of his emotional state, to respect his privacy.' Barrios trapped underground when the mine waiting for his wife, and saw another woman waiting for him, they realized he had mistress for many years.
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