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Quad Zone Profiling Technology:

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-10
GS95 the first lightweight steel golf shaft designed with Quad Zone Profiling, which divides the shaft into four distinct zones that are optimized to increase shaft performance. The bending stiffness of the first shaft zone is increased by combining the unique GS95 shaft geometry with a thin wall section. This forces the tip section to become more active without increasing weight, and promotes a higher launch angle than shafts designed with a standard step pattern. The second zone is softer to prevent the shaft from feeling harsh during off- center hits. In this section, GS95's Ei profile has been optimized for feel, ensuring the golfer has full control during the transition at the top of the back swing, and is able to store the maximum amount of energy prior to impact. In GS95's third and most important section, True Temper engineers have used proprietary internal wall reinforcement to maximize tip stability and reduce the magnitude of the harmful shock waves that are generated during off-center hits. The combination of the internal reinforcement with an optimized step pattern produces a soft feel while providing the golfer with the tour accuracy associated with all True Temper Gold Standard golf shafts. With the additional stability offered by the third shaft zone, True Temper engineers were able to use a softer tip section in GS95's fourth zone. As a result, the golfer gets a softer, 'graphite-like' feel and a higher ball flight. True Temper SensiCore Technology: SensiCore is a patented technology designed to absorb vibration. A frequency tuned polymer core, located inside the shaft, eliminates up to 70% of unwanted vibration at impact. SensiCore radically improves feel and gives golfers the ability to practice and play longer because it decreases the harmful effects of 'shock' on the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Tour professionals have taken SensiCore to the winner's circle over 150 times. Ask them and they will tell you that SensiCore has the best feel as compared to other golf clubs! True Temper Gold Manufacturing Technology: To maintain this incredible technology in every shaft produced, GS95 is built with True Temper's proprietary Gold Manufacturing Process so that each critical shaft parameter is held to unparalleled standards. No other shaft manufacturing process controls as many design variables. The Process ensures pinpoint specification consistency throughout each set with exacting weight tolerances, taper rates, wall thickness changes, proven tip reinforcement and balance points for unmatched shot repeatability.
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