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portable cnc cutter robot is a must-have for any makerlabs

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
Subscribe on YouTube what happens when you cross the computer CNC system (CNC)
Milling Machine with some cuttingedge (No pun intended)
Robot technology?
The answer is a product like portable CNC, a portable autonomous CNC machine tool that has just been released on Kickstarter.
Whether you\'re-
Create or equip larger MakerLabs spaces for other techniciansminded DIY-
Ers, this is a gadget you want to get!
Despite the large name of Gelia, its purpose is to provide a CNC milling machine that can be placed between smaller A4 paper
Large scale table milling machines on the market, as well as traditional heavy duty milling machines with a much larger footprint.
While both kits have their location, they also have limitations: smaller kits cannot achieve medium or large objects such as stools or chairs, larger machines are large in size and heavy in weight, expensive.
On the other hand, Goliath is a small CNC Robot where you can place it directly on the working surface, where it can move autonomously and help create everything from furniture to signage.
Imagine a vacuum cleaner that is designed to cut things and then make the idea 150% less scary and 200% more useful.
\"The concept of Goliath CNC was born in early 2014 as my thesis project with a master\'s degree in design engineering at Milan Polytechnic University,\" CEO and co-
The founder of Springa, the company behind Goliath, told Digital Trends.
\"I want to contribute in some way to the world of digital manufacturing tools.
I want to develop something that can make real and high quality materials, so I focus on CNC milling machines with desktop size.
Shortly after graduation, I invited mechanical engineer Alessandro to work on this project with industrial designer Davide --
The two of them are much more skilled and enthusiastic about programming than I am.
\"Making Gloria Smart is a beautiful sensor system that constantly triangulates the position of the robot and gives it 0.
1mm accuracy on working space.
Using it, it can move on any working surface, making the necessary milling, cutting and engraving according to the specifications you specify.
The materials it can use include wood, plastic, Cooper and sheet metal.
Goliath CNC is currently available for pre-
Order, limited quantity, price $1,750.
Shipping is scheduled for September 2018.
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