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Plywood: Material of the Modern World – Free Exhibition at V&A Museum

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
Plywood -
Hidden in normal sightseeing the V & A Museum invites us to explore plywood, which is part of our daily life and is barely noticed.
It\'s hard to imagine an exhibition dedicated to plywood. Co-
Curators Christopher Wilk and Elizabeth Beasley demonstrate fascinating new research as they explore the history and global impact of plywood from 1850 to the present.
Plywood: materials from the modern world show how this often overlooked material helps shape the modern world.
We see how plywood has completely changed its design since the Industrial Revolution.
V & A\'s collection of integrated furniture, design and construction is accompanied by items loaned by public and private institutions around the world.
The exhibition is sponsored by MADE.
COM, with the support of V & A\'s American friends
The exhibition showcases the works of some of the best modernist designers in the world, including Alva alto, Marcel Brewer, greet Jack, Robin Day, and Charles and
The exhibition explores many iconic designs in the world, including armchairs, hat boxes, tea boxes and 1908 books printed during Ernest Shakleton Nimrod\'s payment to Singer sewing machines and de havelan mosquitoes for Antarctica, the fastest and highest --
Flight Aircraft of World War II
What is plywood?
What is plywood?
We see it every day.
Christopher Wilk tells us that plywood is a common daily material that most people barely notice when using.
It has been hidden in front of people, it can be said.
It has been one of the most popular and versatile materials used by manufacturing and designers and architects since the Victorian era.
Today, it is more popular than ever.
But what is it?
Collins Concise Dictionary describes plywood as: a structural plate that is glued together by a thin layer of wood under pressure, with a layer of texture at right angles to the texture of the adjacent layer.
Plywood-an ancient material of modern times, perhaps we think plywood is a very modern thing, but in fact, a few layered planks were found in ancient Egyptian tombs.
The industrial revolution is our credit.
The advent of mass production in the 19 th century has enabled this very useful and adaptable material to be fully utilized.
From cars to planes, furniture to construction and handwork, you can make almost any plywood
Toward digital manufacturing.
Modernist designers love it and as technology advances they find more and more novel and interesting ways to shape, cut and fix it.
Key developments in the evolution of plywood: materials in the modern world are given life through three \"process\" moments.
These events reflect key developments in the development of plywood manufacturing: process 01 rotary veneer cutting.
In the early 1800 s, with the invention of steam, the first technological breakthrough appeared.
The rotary veneer cutting machine, which provides power, can realize the cheap mass production of plywood.
Process 02 molding.
Unlike plastic or metal, plywood can be easily formed with simple tools.
It can be made in small workshops or in large factories, usually without expensive equipment.
Make curved plywood across layers
The texture veneer is glued together and placed in the mold.
When the glue is set, the veneer is combined under pressure.
Process 03 -CNC Cutting.
Plywood has become more and more popular in the field of digital design since the 21st century, and digital manufacturing machines, especially CNC knives, have made it possible. A CNC (
Computer numerical control)
The cutting machine is controlled by a computer.
The main type of CNC machine is the CNC router, which cuts twoand three-
The size of the rotary cutting bit with the known as the end mill, and the CNC laser cutting machine that uses a laser beam to cut twodimensionally.
Using both machines, the process is faster, more precise and more complex than before.
Plywood is ideal for CNC cutting as it is manufactured in accordance with standard global specifications.
Since this standardized design can be cut anywhere in the world using a digital file.
Plywood: materials from the modern world-Highlights of the exhibition the scope of this exhibition is very wide and diverse and explores many important designs such as de Havilland Mosquito. Custom-
The aircraft is made of curved and Bonded veneer and is designed for speed and range. The two-
Long armed seat
Long-range light bombers and reconnaissance planes fly almost casually over the enemy.
Most of the war was occupied territory.
Initially, the aviation department wanted a metal plane, but designer Jeffrey de havelan persuaded them to try out the mosquitoes. The low-
Craftsmen in furniture and other woodworking factories can make cost designs relatively cheaply.
The iconic design has influenced the new generation of modernist designer splywood, which is used to make a wide variety of furniture, including the armchairs of Alva alto, to become the world-renowned furniture.
Aalto\'s chair was originally designed for the Finnish dommio Tuberculosis Sanitorium, but it started selling in 1933.
The chairs are produced in a small factory with other designs from Aalto and are exported to the UK and the US.
There\'s a 7 in the armchair-
Birch plywood seat and 4-
Lay a laminated birth frame with a solid birch pillar.
The innovative use of plywood has influenced a new generation of modernist designers such as Charles, Ray Ames and Grette Jack.
From sewing machines to the other extreme of Ice SheltersAt, we have \"new home\" sewing machines made by singer manufacturing companies.
From 1880 to 1950, Singh is one of the largest plywood producers in the world, producing covers for tables, cabinets and sewing machines.
The last exhibition was found in the garden of John madsky in the form of a group of skating shelters.
Designed by Patkau Architects, these structures are made in the form of sculptures by bending flexible plywood and fixing it on wooden structures.
Visitors are invited to sit in shelters originally designed to sit on a frozen river in Winnipeg, Canada.
Plywood is no longer hidden in the ordinary line of sight, who would think that an exhibition dedicated to the display of plywood is so fascinating?
Who would have thought that this almost ubiquitous material would change the world so thoroughly?
Through their excellent presentation, V & A gave us an exhibition that will increase our awareness of plywood that is no longer hidden in front of us and change our attitude towards plywood!
Plywood: materials in the modern world are accompanied by a illustrated book
Published by V & A on the Thames and Hudson rivers.
More details about this free exhibition and the extensive programme of activities supporting it are available from V &.
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