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PCB is Printed Circuit Board; it is made up of

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-08
Single sided board with single track of copper layer. Double sided board with two tracks of copper layer. There are also multi layer printed circuit boards that have more than two layers of copper. The material used is thin copper foil for conductive layer and insulating material for the base. There are several methods for producing Printed Circuit Board such as: PCB milling is least used nowadays as it is not that effective for the mass production of Printed Circuit Boards and hence is used for prototype production i.e. production in limited numbers. Copper etching method is most widely used across the world but the screen printing method is very cost effective as compared to others, although it provides less quality products. The whole manufacturing process of Printed Circuit Board is: Flow of PCB Manufacturing Process is: Setup -> imaging -> etching -> Multilayer Pressing -> Drilling -> Plating -> Masking -> Finishing -> Quality Control -> Testing.
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