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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-07-30
The revolutionary performance of TaylorMade's Burner irons has made it the best-selling iron model in the United States, and has helped thousands of golfers elevate their iron games to an entirely new level. But although the Burner iron is engineered to appeal to a very wide range of player types, the fact remains that it isn't for everybody. There are golfers, mainly slower swingers and players who produce a naturally low ball flight, who can't launch the Burner high enough to enjoy the full benefits of the club. Enter the Burner Superlaunch , an iron specifically designed to be spectacularly forgiving and easy to get in the air, allowing a certain segment of players - mainly slower swingers and low-ball hitters - to get more distance. In addition, Burner SuperLaunch iron's generous offset helps straighten a slice and promote a draw. Inverted Cone Technology TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology was developed to expand the COR zone of TaylorMade drivers, and has been recently implemented in irons as well. The Inverted Cone is CNC-milled directly into the back side of the clubface resulting in a drastic variation in face thickness for added launch and energy transfer. Experience SuperFast Technology A technology developed for Burner golf clubs to promote faster swing speed and greater distance: SuperFast Technology includes lighter, longer shafts, lighter grips, larger, more forgiving clubheads, higher COR clubfaces, higher launch angles and lower spin-rates. Multi-Functional Sole TaylorMade's Multi-Functional iron sole is beveled at the back to make it perform like a much thinner sole, which increases playability from a variety of lies, yet it also features a low and deeper center of gravity that makes it easy to launch the ball on a powerful and penetrating flight Features and Benefits of the TaylorMade Superlaunch irons: Ultra-large and deep cavity for massive perimeter-weighting makes the TaylorMade Super-forgiving on all mis-hits - toe, heel, high, low. Low-profile long-iron design contributes to high MOI and low CG, making them easy to launch. Extra-wide, multi-functional sole for ultra-low CG makes them super-easy to launch the ball high off the ground Inverted Cone Technology Promotes faster ball speed on mis-hits for consistent distance. This article is from http://www.globalgolfirons.com/ Also, We recommend some good golf clubs to you. Thanks for reading my article!
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