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MXS is one of the bestselling brands for scooter

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-05
The 125cc mecaboite MXS is a revamped version of their exhibition prototype of Mecaboite Derbi. In the new adapted version they have used aluminum frame body design especially for facilitating high jumps. The aluminum frames is lighter than the originally used steel frames and hence are more rider friendly. World renowned brand parts are being used in the making of Mecaboite. No compromise has been done on the quality of the wheels used in the bike. A sports bike wheels are different from the standard bike wheels as in general they have tubeless radial tires and do not employ wire spokes. The magnesium wheels from Bridgestone are used in the Mecaboite as they are lightweight and almost two-third of the density of aluminum. Mecaboite has it installed its own factory made exhaust fans called El Banana. Since the engine in mecaboite is graft type, the ignition is reworked in the factory and given a special curve giving it an exclusive MXS design look. The KOSO tulip carburetor is one of the best in Scooter market and is especially used for high efficiency bikes. It is also used in Honda and Ducati bikes. It has the best set-up of air against fuel proportion and the best efficiency of combustion. A proper set up of air helps in giving stable output. MXS has added its own concept along with the KOSO tulip carburetor to give the best efficiency to the bike. Right combustion generates lot of power and to transfer all that power to the wheel, a semi clutch is made by Mecaboite itself as a full automatic gear in a sport race might be a hindrance in the time of crisis when a power is needed urgently. Semi clutch enables smooth functioning and transfer of absolute power to the wheels with the Metra kit gearbox. 125cc Mecaboite MXS has all the elements of a perfect off-road racing custom scooter and can very well surprise the existing market competitors with its lethal combination of the best auto parts and MXS custom work.
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