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Most people see stars and planets as beautiful

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-10
The Patterns of Astrology and Our Lives Most of us know our so-called Zodiac signs. People who are born from March to April, for instance, have Aries as their Zodiac sign, while those born between September to October are considered Libras. Zodiac signs, though, are only one part of Astrology. Your characteristics, your temperament and also possibly even some events in your future can also be determined by the position of the planets and the stars during the exact time and year you are born. Carl Jung and Sir Isaac Newton have even given scientific explanations for Astrology. According to Jung, time does not run through linear lines. He says that what happens at one moment in time can affect what happens in another moment. In short, everything is connected and related to everything else. Therefore, the precise positions of the sun, the moon, the stars and the planet at any given time affect who we are and future events in our lives. Each one of us, therefore, has a unique astrological imprint. The knowledge we gain based on Astrology can therefore help us understand ourselves, plan our lives and even choose who we wish to marry. Astrology can even help us understand our limitations and the limitations of others, so that we can learn to work with these. But we should remember that Astrology does not mean that our lives are set in stone. There will always be an element of free will that is part of the equation. As Paracelsus once said, 'The stars incline; they do not compel.' Drawing Strength from Astrology Jewelry Cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman, with the expertise of astrologer Michael Ofek, have collaborated and drew strength from the power of astrology to give customers a special line of astrology jewelry and astrology talismans. By creating these pieces during specific times and dates of the year, Weitzman and Ofek have channeled the strong energy of these specified times and stored them in beautiful astrology rings, pendants and talismans. Exquisite pieces in yellow gold, white gold or silver, show the power and strength of the planets and the Zodiac signs, such as Venus (for love), Mars (for courage) or Jupiter in Pisces, which is only made once every 12 years! The beautiful 7 Metals Astrology Ring, for instance, represents the 'Chaldean Order,' or the hierarchy of powers as seen as the axis of time orbits the seven planets. Made from iron, lead, pure gold, silver, copper and brass, this ring can strengthen certain characteristics of the wearer attuned to any of the seven metals. The Astrology Pendant (or the Planetary Exultation pendant), on the other hand, is a rare Astrology pendant that Weitzman is truly proud of. It contains each Planet lying within each sign of the Zodiac where it is strongest. This gives the wearer a strong symbol for the perfect state of love, success and protection. It is a fact that power can be drawn from the exact positions or alignment of the stars and other celestial bodies. Through Astrology and Astrology talismans, we can gain a deeper understanding of who we are. We can also learn about what we can do to secure a happy and bright future for ourselves and our family.
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