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milling machine attachments and accessories

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-19
Accessories and accessories and standard or special auxiliary equipment designed to be fastened or connected with one or more components of milling to expand the scope, versatility, productivity or accuracy of operations.
Here are the different accessories used in universal milling beds.
The dividing head vertical head rotating denominator accessory rack milling accessory dividing head or independent head is a special working holding device, which is fixed on the machine table by bolts.
The work can be installed on the card plate on the spindle of the dividing head, or between the living center and the dead center.
The Dead Heart is mounted on the base, just as it is mounted on the lathe tailstock, after correctly aligning the spindle shaft with the dividing head spindle, the tailstock Bolt is fixed on the machine tool workbench.
The attachment is mainly used to divide the periphery of the workpiece into equal numbers of parts, and to process slots or forests with equal spacing.
The worm and worm gear drive mechanism of the accessory can be connected to the Workbench screw for cutting the equal spacing spiral groove on the periphery of the cylindrical workpiece.
Vertical head vertical milling accessories can perform specific operations by directing the cutting spindle acid from horizontal to vertical, converting the horizontal milling machine to a vertical milling machine.
The attachment consists of a right-angle gear box, which is connected to the head of the horizontal milling machine spindle by fixing its bolts on the cylinder.
The speed of the vertical spindle is the same as the speed of the spindle.
The attachment of the spindle can also be rotated at any angle, and other angles are at right angles to the table on the surface of the machining angle.
Rotating work table or circular milling attachment is a special work holding device that is fixed to the top of the work table by bolts.
It provides rotating motion for the table.
Accessories by having T-
The slot installed on the scale base.
The round table can be rotated by hand, in special cases, by connecting the Turntable drive mechanism with the machine lead screw slotting attachment, by placing it in the attachment, so, the milling machine can be converted into a slotting tool by accepting a single-point slotting tool at the bottom of the ram and can be easily used to cut internal or external keyways, Spurs, etc.
The attachment is fixed on the surface of the column by bolts, and can also be rotated at an angle for processing the surface of the angle.
The stroke length of Ram can also be adjusted.
The rack milling attachment connects the milling attachment bolts to the surface of the column for cutting the rack teeth in the work installed on the table.
An accessory consisting of a gear system makes the spindle axis the correct angle with the spindle.
Plan at a level.
Cut continuous rack teeth using rack index accessories.
When the attachment is mounted on a universal milling, the tilted rack tooth or the tilted rake may become confused when the table may rotate to the desired spiral angle. The only purpose of this hub is to spread and accessories.
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