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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-09
Kerala is located on coastal India. Kerala is a part of India, located in the southwestern tip of the country. It is a coastal area and has been selected by 'National Geographic' as one of the 50 destinations of a lifetime and one of the 13 paradises in the world. Its palm-dotted beaches coupled with woods, forests and abundant wildlife have provided the native community with a wealth of materials from which to create colorful textiles and craft forms for which it is famous today. kerala holiday packages History Kerala was influenced by many foreign cultures. The cultural history of Kerala can be traced back to ancient times. Early cave drawings made use of the vivid and abundant colors of the area. Because of its location on the tip of the country, it was exposed to many foreign influences that persons inland would not encounter. As a result, the Kerala of today is a blending of longstanding culture and traditions blended from many countries, paired with a respect for nature and the environment. Traditions Dance is the most popular form of art in the country. There are different dances for men, women, young women and children. They are a combination of folk art and classical dance, along with a mix of martial arts and yoga poses. Brightly painted faces, colorful attire and various unusual instruments are used in the different dances. Because dance is such a vital part of life in Kerala, it crosses into other forms of art. Graceful dancing figures are carved from ivory and wood, molded from bell metal and carved from stone. Characteristics of Kerala Art Boxes made from wood are one of the most popular crafts. The crafts of Kerala reflect the extraordinary artistic skills of the native population. These skills are entirely indigenous to the population and make use of the abundant natural materials available. Some of the most common crafts are products made from wood, ivory and coconut. The distinctive geometric patterns and designs of Kerala natives make each item unique and striking. kerala holiday packages Types There are five types of crafts today in Kerala. Wooden objects are carved from rosewood, teak, cedar and bamboo into the shapes of elephants, decorative boxes, tabletops, photo frames, chess sets and bookcases. Ivory is carved to depict dancers, animals and birds. Bell metal, a combination of brass, tin and copper, is used in the making of lamps, church bells, fruit bowls, jewelry boxes and pots. Stone is crafted from granite into the forms of dancing figures, icons and household items. Natural color dyes are used to paint miniatures and folk art. Color Kerala draws on colors from nature for everything from clothing to crafts. The use of color is also a part of Kerala tradition.The most important characteristic of color is that it be a natural color derived from the roots, leaves and minerals of the area. The most popular colors are yellow, gold, pink, red, crimson, maroon, brick red, orange, burgundy, blue, lavender, violet, purple, green and black. Uses Today's homeowner can easily incorporate some of the Kerala traditions into home decorating by collecting some of the most popular forms of Kerala crafts and arranging them in a grouping. The most important element to consider when decorating a home with Kerala art is that all Kerala people respect their surroundings and use natural products and colors. The setting in which Kerala crafts are displayed should reflect the same natural environment, drawing on nature's palette and using natural fibers and textiles. kerala holiday packages
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