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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-14
The netbook screen can easily be damaged if it is distorted or dropped. The netbook should still be usable if the damage is minor, however the image quality will be ruined. If the screen is more severely damaged then a crack or cracks might be seen with what looks like ink leaking through the cracks. This will render the notebook unusable as the display will not be complete. Sometimes the display will be very dim where the backlight bulb has broken, again rendering the laptop unusable. Care must be taken never to subject the screen or laptop to g forces when opening the lid do it slowly paying particular attention to the releasing of the lid catch so as not to twist or distort the lid. The hard drive can easily be damaged if the netbook is banged or subject to g forces whilst it is turned on. Generally, bad blocks and hard disk drive errors could be created that if minor, will cause occasional errors in programs or Windows, but when severe will prevent Windows from launching. When the netbook is turned off the hard disk drive parks its heads, safeguarding against minor g forces, so a severe g force or drop would be necessary to damage the hard disk when the laptop is turned off. Try to avoid moving your notebook when it's running as it is just too easy to damage the hard drive by banging or clonking it. If the keyboard has fluid spilt on it then one or more keys will usually fail; isn't usually possible to remove the fluid so a new keyboard is going to be required. Generally, if more fluid is spilt over the keyboard it will enter the laptop and damage the motherboard as well as the keyboard. In many cases the motherboard will require replacing, however, this will likely cost as much as the laptop is worth especially if there's other damage. It is dependent upon just how much fluid enters the notebook, but not much is required before other notebook parts become damaged. Always avoid having a drink near your notebook. Pulling the cable from the power pack or tripping over it will often cause the internal power socket to fail. Replacement of the power connector is usually expensive so treat it with care. Dropping the netbook when turned off may damage the plastic case, laptop motherboard, DVD drive or screen and hard disk drive as mentioned earlier. Shutting down the netbook properly is quite important. Always use the shut down feature of Windows to shut down the netbook. Don't use the sleep or hibernate function because it does not always completely turn off the laptop leaving the hard disk drive susceptible to movement damage. It always takes longer to start the netbook from a full shutdown but has the extra advantage of clearing the RAM such that numerous programs will operate quicker. Just closing the netbook lid should not be used as a method of shutting down the laptop as the setting might be set to just sleep or hibernate when this is done. Finally, never turn off the laptop by removing the battery/power supply or holding the power button on for 10 seconds. This is a last resort as a forced shutdown will often damage the hard drive. Always handle your netbook with care and it should function for many years, if you're rough with it then failure is assured.
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