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by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-08-13
Remove Excess Build-up - Build-up weighs your hair down, making it look flat and sometimes even greasy. Try using a deep cleansing product, like Bumble and bumble's Sunday Shampoo. This shampoo helps remove any hair spray or styling product residue, leaving it light, bouncy, and ready to be styled. Products - Hair products are essential to achieving the look you're going for. We recommend two lines for great volume; Bumble and bumble's Thickening line and Oribe's Volumista or Maximista Spray. Oribe's Volumista gives you a modern New York bounce while the Maximista gives that sexy, Texas size sway . Bumble and bumble's Thickening line is a complete linear process that incorporates the shampoo/conditioner, serum, and hairspray. Their process is one of the best in the industry with a light and fluffy result that leaves you loving your hair! Blow Dry - If you don't have curlers nearby, but you want a bit of volume, use your blow dryer to help mimic the effect. Brush your hair the opposite direction of how you want it to lie, and blow dry the strands down the hair shaft fro root to ends. This will add a subtle volumizing effect. Velcro or Heated Curlers - Curlers aren't just for your grandma anymore. Velcro and heated curlers can give you a big boost at the crown of your head, and the bigger the roll, the better. Using Curlers helps to lift the hair at the root, helping it to dry in an upward direction. This is one of the easiest and most proven ways to keep your hair full of volume. Just be sure to over direct the section towards the front before rolling it back down to it's base. Back Comb - Lastly, the dreaded 'teasing.' While many people think of Dolly Parton circa 1982 when they hear the words 'teasing,' plenty of top hair salons Houston use this technique to add a subtle and natural volume. The easiest way to add some volume is to piece off sections around the crown and back comb only three or four times. You're not looking for a Snooki poof so don't go crazy, you just want a bit of lift in the crown for that sexy, effortless look.
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