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Is Luteng priced high?
Ningbo Luteng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is priced based on the value-focused marketing strategy. Before pricing the products, we work out our costs first. They include direct costs (mainly the money spent on developing a product), variable costs (materials, packaging and so on), fixed salary (staff salary and related costs), facilities costs, taxes, etc. These costs occupy a large proportion of the price. We adopt a lean management system and run high-precision advanced production lines to ensure every type of material is fully utilized, therefore the waste could be decreased and cost as well.

Over the years, Luteng has been concentrating on the design, production, and supplying of performance auto parts. We are a qualified manufacturer and supplier. pressure washer parts is the main product of Luteng. It is diverse in variety. The fiber as well as the fabric of Luteng CNC Parts cnc turned parts is minimally processed and finished without harmful chemical softeners, chlorine bleach, and heavy metal dyes. The product has the desired structural strength and rigidity. The product has the advantage of communicating information. It provides ingredient information, instructions for use, features, and benefits. There are no scratches or other defects on the surface.

Centering on cnc auto parts is our long-term development strategy. Please contact us!
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