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India is the land of various colorful cultures

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-12
Similar is the case with North Eastern states of India. North Eastern states attract thousands of tourists and vacationers from all the parts of India and world, due to their colorful and unique culture. Mother Nature has gifted the North East India with flora and fauna by open hands. Beautiful landscapes, amazing waterfalls, and unseen beautiful animals and birds linger in the mind of visitors. North East India, the greenest part of the country, has marked itself as the most green tourist corner in India. Traditional culture of this beautiful land is very mesmerizing. The culture of north eastern India is mostly inspired by its neighboring countries like China and Nepal. The food and clothing is completely different from that in southern or western India due to terrestrial and climatic variations. Assam is one state that is famous for its close proximity with the neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Travelling places Assam is blessed with beautiful landscapes, including higher peaks and deep rivers such as Brahmaputra. The sightseeing is so beautiful to miss. Wild life tourism is prevalent in Assam, where you can have chance to enjoy a unique environment. Travelers can visit Kaziranga National Park to explore the wild life of Assam. Wedding in Assam The Assamese Matrimony is a lavish affair, which include various rituals and customs. The Assamese matrimonial celebrations go on for 3-4 days, including various pre-wedding, main wedding, and post-wedding rituals. Mekhla chadar, a silken dress of Assamese ladies, is the wedding trousseau for the brides, while the grooms wear a silk kurta and dhoti for the wedding. The rituals involved in Assamese matrimony are same as those included in a Hindu wedding, the regional impact is mentionable. In Assamese matrimony, the bride and the groom are married in a very traditional way, and follow all the customs and rituals that have been followed by their forefathers. The complete Assamese matrimonial rituals are performed in front of the sacred fire, in the presence of elders of the family and the almighty God. The bride and groom exchange garlands amidst sacred sound of conch shells. Alike other Hindu weddings, bride and groom take wedding vows during Assamese matrimony, and the priest chants mantras and tells the bride and groom about their duties post-wedding. The bride throws raw rice into the sacred fire and the groom puts vermilion on the hair parting of his bride to commence the marriage. Witnessing an Assamese matrimony is a delightful occasion, as Assamese are considered as very fine hosts. Art & Craft The colors of Assam will remain faded, unless art and craft of the state is discussed. Bihu is the most famous dance form of Assam, which is performed to celebrate happiness and prosperity. Similarly, Assamese songs are also famous for their meaningful thoughts. Bamboo work, handloom and silk clothing, and brass work have gained recognition worldwide. Every state of India has its own colors. There is so much to explore in India, still some places remain unexplored. Assam is a blessed place with natural beauty and good people. Government is taking serious steps to promote tourism in Assam and suppress the existing terrorism.
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