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In production cycles, what could spell the difference

by:Luteng CNC Parts     2020-09-06
Cooling, conveying, and drying processes, more often than not, are necessary phases of general manufacturing in most, if not all, kinds of industries. Whether it is pharmaceutical, automobile, parts molding, food, or, packaging, an air blow off system is indispensable. In most cases, compressed air is used as source. However, the system's efficiency lies not in the source, but in the air nozzles that are used to dispense high velocity streams. A typical blow off system uses copper or steel pipes to release air blasts. While they serve the main purpose, they also produce three major disadvantages: (1) they require much compressed air; (2) they produce noise beyond acceptable levels; and, (3) they are susceptible to blockages. Repercussions of these drawbacks are quite apparent. For one, because more compressed air is consumed, more electricity or fuel is needed, which leads to higher utility costs. Then, the pressurized air coming out of copper ends, not only produce noise pollution, but they have no room for exhausting the air in case an employee accidentally blocks the pipes with his hand or body. Air nozzles, on the other hand, have been made with engineering precision, so that these drawbacks are avoided. They still use compressed air, but not as much, which is good news at the onset. The secret, however, lies in the conical tip of the nozzle, which pulls in free air from the environment. The immediate effect? An increase in the force and speed of the blast--at no extra cubic of compressed air. But how do air nozzles avoid hazardous, sometimes fatal, blockages? In their design, there is a series of smaller holes around its slanting perimeter. Unless the nozzle is fully cupped by a human hand, blockage will only be partial, and there will always be several exit points for air streams. Mufflers are great addition to the air nozzles, because they bring down noise levels even further. At a small, extra amount, these accessories can be part of the blow off system kit. Another way to maximize them is the use of a regulator, which can be preset to allow the nozzles to perform intermittent pauses during the production. This can account for more savings in the future, because no compressed air is wasted.
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